期待已久的日本版CIVIC TYPE R终于在马来西亚发行了! YAHOO! (YAHOO 什么... 看了价钱... BALLS 都会收缩!)

最新的CIVIC TYPE R有二个版本,一为欧洲版和另为日本版。 日本版是四门轿车型,而欧洲版为三个门斜背式汽车。 四门轿车版本在日本在2007年3月30日推出了。

CIVIC TYPE R装备的是一个特别调整的2.0公升K20A引擎再加上6速手动车牙、刚体壳、特别地调整的避震、18寸轮胎和17寸前面盘式制动器对CIVIC TYPE R的能力推挤都是有很大的贡献。 新开发的飞行动力学设备更加进一步提高了CIVIC确TYPE R的高速表现,TYPE R 里头当然也少不了跑车应该有的BUCKET SEAT,一个独特的仪表盘和其他表现辅助部件更为CIVIC TYPE R增添了时代及时髦感...

相信CIVIC TYPE R 在马来西亚将会旋起一段热潮!!


如果在日本买的话,才RM80K左右, 在香港,是大约RM130K左右...在马来西亚是....
*小慧我知道您说这一部车有些AH BENG,不过,我和小鱼还是很喜欢他...哈哈哈!


  1. 走吧!我们去test drive!

  2. can di di tag along? *pls pls* :P

    but i love this man.. but i like the euro one.. they dont come with key only give u the alarm control nia.

    'cos there is one "start" button, u hit it then it will start jor. haha.. tat one really KENG!

    but then it look nice.. i wonder will it last haha..

  3. haha...

    应该不能TEST DRIVE了...听说45辆都给人定光了... 我们只能看不能摸... :~(

    Georgie..., can can come larr.. we go look see look see... haha...

    This one also is just with s "Start" button only... cool ya.. but I like...the K20A engine... shoot man... :"P

  4. know that u sh blog about Type R. Go test drive ler since u been seeing the picture over n over again. but bcareful coz u won't want to drive ur car lioa .. :)

  5. Yeah... ah mun, better careful, the poison is deep.

    but heard the rumours said that, total of 45 cars have been booked.

    so basically those that in the show room already belongs to someone and the sales office will not let you sit inside or touch the car. (by keeping a distance of you to the car i believe). Not even let you see the engine ler... sigh... really #$*&^$@*#7 :"P





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