7 Dwarfs: Doc and Happy

I have been busy with the blog revamping project lately and finally I have completed the whole thing. Yes I am darn happy about this. :) (But there is still a bit more that I will need to take care of, specially on some of the tiny miny standardization of the whole blog). So stay tune... :)

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (7 Dwarfs)"Hey Doc, they said that there are diamonds in the Glowy Forest"

In the mean time, for my today post, let me present you another of my display set in my wardrobe. (Doc and Happy in the 7 Dwarfs series). :"P I know Kancil is going to say that I got tones of collection with me. (Anyway, this are belongs to LB and these set are bought during our HK trip. For me, I prefer the transformers series action figure, kekeke :"P).

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (7 Dwarfs)"Let's get out from this hole and find the treasure"

I didn't setup much this round. Just bring them around inside and outside the house for some shot. (Trying to create some story here...) Where Doc and Happy met and wanna go out for an adventure. (Of course they are going for some treasure hunt). How they go around (inside and outside my house) to find the diamond for the princess. (It's Snow White... not Cinderella :"P)

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (7 Dwarfs)"Where should we go from where... we seems to be lost"

So here we go. :) Doc and Happy adventure @ CH house. :"P

"Gosh we found it behind the Glowy Forest!"

Hope that you all will enjoy the photos. :) Cheers.


  1. 我真的要说了,你们的珍藏品好多!

  2. Kancil: 那有多。。。,似乎都快用完了呢。(下一回有机会,您做我的model啊?):"D

    Hey Lilian,
    Thanks, Hope that you like it. :)

  3. 我不行啦!让我介绍你未来的偶像 - Eugene Chee。

  4. 哈哈。。。小Chee已经和小鱼讲了。看什么时候有机会就拍Family Photo. :"P

  5. I want to be your model:p Remember took for me during Jap trip:p

  6. Hey Lilian, not a problem... already prepare for the Japz trip. I will take photos as long as my CF card allowed. ;) Be prepared to pang leng leng and follow instruction to pose ya. :"P (Anyway thanks for volunteering.

  7. Y just have 2? Where is the other 5?

    Anyway, nice shoots! I like it very much.

    Waiting for my 7 Dwarfs go out together ya...

  8. Yeah sure... :) Will take one day to do it. :) (You will know when I do it anyway. :D hehe.

  9. I've got Ultraman and Dragon Ball can borrow you. Want bo? Hehe...

  10. Serious!?! hahaha. You show me some photos ya. then we see if we could proceed with Ultraman & Dragon Ball :D. (Do you have Godzilla?) :"D





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