Are you hungry? - Totoro Bento Delivery

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Totoro)"Are you hungry?"

Second post of the day... After this I am going to get some rest then. :) Today photo of the day is the となりのトトロ (My neighbor Totoro) - Totoro. My neighbor Totoro is produced by 宮崎 駿 Miyazaki Hayao. I will say that he is one of the very popular Japanese anime (he is also the co-founder of Studio Ghibli). Produced some of the great anime like "Spirited Away" - The 1st anime to win in the academy award. :)

Anyway, as usual... it has been another simple setup shooting for this round.
(No good and great looking bokeh this time). :) Anyway, hope that you all will enjoy this round of Totoro bento delivery. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-D (Rest well and ready for a working week tomorrow) :)


  1. Totoro became bento set? :O I love it very much. It shows that simplicity can actually bring out the best in photography. Keep up the good work.

    Come to think of it, it gave me an idea. But i need to find time and skills to execute my idea. :)

  2. Oh ya, noticed that you've changed your signature. Nice one too..

  3. Hehe... no. Actually since the Totoro is holding something like a "Nasi Lemak" package, so I just thought that as a Bento (I hope it is the Terriyaki Chicken one) :"P and say it as the Totoro Bento Delivery. :D

    Cool... you should shot something though. (I still love the 105mm that you have although I am not into Macro. keke... Still hoping for either a 85mm F1.4 or a 200mm - Dreaming...)

    Yeah changed the signature bar as well... change the font as well as the bar height. (But I remain the color scheme though).

    Anyway, I'm glad that you all like the changes. :)

  4. The Totoro looks like donkey to me at first glance.. :P Like Eeyore! Salmon bento please ^^

  5. Haha... bet I didn't do a good job in presenting the shape. :"P Yeah yeah... Salmon bento on it's way. :)

  6. I love the idea of nasi lemak. :)
    I know Tokyo got one 宫崎骏museum,kyoto got the astro boy, can't remember the name.

  7. Hehe.. :) Yeah if got go to Tokyo will pay the museum a visit. (I think should be pretty nice...) Never seen Astro boy before though. (But what I know is that they are in the middle of creating an Astro boy movie) :)

  8. Kyoto one is astro boy? I dunno what is the name of that figure though.

    CH - Kyoto got a lot of figurine shops that you can visit, especially manga figurine. Shall I place that as one of the itinerary? I think you can spend the whole day in that area! Haha...

  9. I am not sureon the actual location but what I know is that Japan is the heaven for anime actino figure... (I hope that their price is reasonable... and decent also) x"D

    Gosh... Kyoto got alot?! don't larr later you place me there then I will be stucking ther forever. (and then when we all are back you all will say that CH has been stuck in the shop for 2 days where the stockist has accidentally lock him up inside with those figures) qxP... (Gis...)

  10. Astro Boy - 阿臂童. The museum is just upstair of Kyoto Station.

  11. Kancil 似乎什么都知道!可以做国际旅游大使了:D。(阿臂童Museum, Kancil有去过吗?)

  12. 有啊!不过我只在博物馆的大厅走走和拍照。我没有进去,因为要收入门费。


  13. 看来。。。日本之旅要存好跟多的钱了!!》:D





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