Finally... It's Completed!

Chiat Hau Photography has been completed. :)

After been preparing, searching, modifying for the past few days. Finally...(yes finally... for the last 3 days) I completed my blog revamping project. (So far, this is the 3rd time - if I remember correctly - that I change the looks of my blog). The 1st time is much simpler where I just get a template from Blogspot and apply it it. and for the 2nd time, I slightly change the size of the blog so that the blog could accommodate a slightly bigger image that I posted.

Lately, I feel that I should revamp the blog again. (I don't know why, just feel like doing it). After researching a while from the web. I finally found a blog template for so call a photo blog. (There are some pro and cons to this and I will explain it later). This blog template is design by (Do check it out if you need a new photo blog, there are a few that I think is pretty cool here - my BIG credits to this site for providing such a great template. ;-)). But I have took some times to study the XML in it to change the look and feel so that it suits what I planned. Here are the pro and cons I found out compared to my previous blog template

  1. MUCH BIGGER photos can be posted. 800*600 (I am happy about this!) :D
  2. A more PRO look site. (As Georgie commented in the "Leave a Message" Box)
  3. MUCH BIGGER photos ... and...
  4. MUCH BIGGER photos ... (I can't stop raving about this, cause I just love it so much) :"P


  1. All Navigation has been changed to the bottom. (Friend's Blog, Leave Me A Message Box...etc)
  2. No more musics for the site. (I guess this is not important, some people told me that it is kinda irritating when sites have music, so I just scrap this) :"P
  3. ......

So some changes to the site:
  1. Site name updated to Chiat Hau Photography. (May be I will used back Lee Botak Studio when all my hair has dropped - which is in the process right now... darn).
  2. I made a logo for the site.
  3. Selected a header images for the blog.
  4. A red navigation bar after the header.
  5. Changed the look and feel of the site (but still using the same color theme as before).
  6. Updated my photos signature to suits the feel of the site (or should I say logo).
  7. I will write my post in English moving forward. :"P (I apologize to the Chinese viewer, just hope you all don't mind about this).
Do let me know how you all feel about the changes. Thanks for viewing. ;) (Now I wonder should I register a domain name... Gis...) ~:"P - and I realize I have been really wordy. I apologize on that. ~:")

* Thanks to LB for being understanding while I am revamping the site. :"P (A big thanks to you :")) I promise I will get all the 7 dwarfs together for a group shot. (Not just only Doc and Happy) :"P


  1. I like your blog new look...

    Hehe..."May be I will used back Lee Botak Studio when all my hair has dropped - which is in the process right now... darn", sorry is not laugh at you,'s funny, cute comment abt yourself.

  2. yea... i agree that the background music is really irritating, although sometimes i find some blogs having great music... :P

    overall, i like ur blog's new look~ :D

  3. Lilian: Thanks! :) no problem about the comments... actually I know what happen to my hair. :"P so no worry about that at all. :D

    家梅: Thanks for dropping by again. You really will come over when there is new updates ya. (Really appreciate that) :)

    Anyway, Glad that both of you like it. :)

  4. Still prefer the original blog title....

  5. Hehe... yeah... wait until I get a studio/ or most of my hair has drop ka liao liao that time. then I rename it to Lee Botak again ya. :D

    Thanks for stopping by Mun. ;)

  6. 赞!看得出你花了不少的心思。

  7. sui sui sui.... I like ur new blog berry much. but i m somehow handicap, i can't view on black background for long hour, if possible, hope you can made it lighter, do consider handicap person like me o :)

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