Henry J Waternoose, III in action.

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Henry J Waternoose, III)"I hope I didn't scare you all away, I'm just a business man"

This has been a late post. (This post should be up by yesterday night actually), but seriously, I do not have the time to continue with the posting yesterday night after the shooting. :"P (I has been delayed by the conversation that I have with the neighbor while I am doing the shot) Anyway, I guess I will do a back log post then. :) Today photos are Henry J Waternoose, III from the Monsters Inc. It has been hard to find out which animated movie that this character belongs to (Looks like I am getting old and my RAM has been running low, but in the end (some how) I manage to find it. ~:-) )

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Henry J Waternoose, III)Yes, we have started Bokeh-licious here. :)

So this round Henry J Waternoose, III is looking for someway to make his company profit again. scouting around in our world... and he is looking for... Bokeh-licious I guess. :P

Again not a lot of setup. 1st photo is with available natural light and 2nd one is with a one light setup. Thanks for viewing, and hope that you all will enjoy it. :)

* (Thanks to 小慧 again for her PRECIOUS 105mm as well as this figure... (It is a GREAT lens... so...so... don't keep it in the bag and start to use it to shoot ya. :"D), Anyway, safe trip to the city of cat. ;-)) Next up should be the group shot for the Dwarfs... Stay tune. :)


  1. 沙发?
    第二张的,我喜欢,感觉背景应该是很漂亮的地方…… :P

  2. 沙发?您是说第一张吗?不是,是房间的一个角落。:)

    第二张。。。其实是我家外面。。。后面的bokeh是后面的店面制造出来的。 :)(如果灯光能够散乱些效果应该更好)。

  3. 哈哈,沙发,就是指我是第一个留言的人 :P

  4. 哈哈。。。这一些名词我不会嘛。。。不好意思。:“P 不过为什么叫沙发呢?

  5. 呵呵……我也不懂,看人家讲,我也讲咯,不然跟不上风了……哈哈哈
    可能是因为第一个才有沙发可以坐下来舒服看戏吧…… =.="

  6. 哈哈。。。原来如此。又学到新的“词语”了。:D





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