Space Jam Bunny

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bug Bunny)Towards the sky Bunny!

I still remember why I watched space jam back in 1996. It is not because of all the cartoon characters but because of Michael Jordan (MJ) :D. (I am still his fan now although he has retired from the NBA... His moves and actions on the basketball court are just mesmerizing). Another thing that caused me to remember this movie is due to the launching of the limited space jam Air Jordan XI. And gosh, looks like there is a retro by the end of this year @ Dec. So Jordan XI fans, please prepare your wallet for this. (But for me, I still prefer the Jordan XI in black and white though). :)

Anyway as a tribute to Space Jam. I have captured this shot. Bugs Bunny in his space jam jersey believing that he could fly! Enjoy! :)

*Special thanks to 小慧 (and indirectly to Daniel - 小慧's brother) for loaning all this figure for this shooting (Really appreciate it) :) Thanks! :)


  1. Bunny really looks like can fly:p

  2. Hey Joel, Thanks! Hope that you will enjoy the site. :)

    Lilian: Hehe... yeah... Bunny really can fly... beware that it fly out from your monitor. :D (Gosh... sound like THE RING d. :"P) - Anyway Thanks! :)

  3. very nice it...

    great rehaul on your site, love the new design too and of course the language change...hahaha...

  4. Hey Beh... Thanks for dropping by man. :)

    Oh yeah.. spend a few days to complete the revamp and finally it's done. Glad that most of you like it. :) (and of course the language change as well :"P).

  5. wow! amazing! Bunny looks like he is about to take off from the ground towards the ray of light!

  6. Yeah... thanks to your bunny. All this could happen. :D TQ very much ya. (Hope that everything is well and have a safe trip)

  7. Bunny真的成为灌篮高手了!最大的功劳也是你鬼斧神工的摄影技术。

  8. Kancil... 过奖了。。。希望有一天真的可以拥有“鬼斧神工”的技术。把灯光应用得出神入化:“P

  9. 想问问你……这是 SLR 相机才能拍出来的效果吗?我的普通相机能不能拍到这样的效果? :O

  10. 家梅,并不知道您用什么样的照相机。。。不过如果您要拍类似的照片,我觉得您的相机至少要能够调整ISO,Aperture和Shutter Speed.(当然还包含了其他的元素)


  11. 看来,我是做不到了 =.= 我的相机是……CANON IXUS 80IS,有特定限度的 ISO 和 shutter speed 调整,不过好像是没有 aperture 调整功能的。(没有钱买 SLR 相机 >.< )
    呵呵,没关系,欣赏别人也能饱饱眼福!我还在摸索我的相机的功能,尤其在比较亮的地方,拍出来的照片不怎么美 :(

  12. 没关系。。。把您的IXUS发挥到最大,才是最好的了。(可以在翻阅回User Manual...,可能您又会发现新大陆呢):)

    比较亮的地方,拍出来的照片不怎么美...是不是有些曝光了?如果是的话,可以尝试吧ISO调低一些些,或者把Shutter speed 调高些。。。看看是否有帮助。

  13. 哈哈,就是太过曝光了……如果调低 ISO,似乎整体上来看,也跟着暗了下来了。下回我再尝试 shutter speed 的调整看看怎么样~!谢谢~!

  14. 好好。。。试了在让我知道情况如何。:) 加油!!





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