0709 KL Trip Day 1 - LB Series

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (KL Trip)LB is pretty happy that day. :)

As I mentioned on yesterday post, I will slowly post up my KL trip photos. Again nothing special on the photos. Just some of the shots that I took along the way (Specially when resting/eating :"P) but again, no food photography... As usual I am too starving. So in stead of taking photos... I just eat like a hungry man. :"P (Opps...)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (KL Trip)Waiting for food...

On day 1, we have been to the Sungai Wang area, visiting Time Square, Low Yat and also other shopping mall near by for window shopping. Having lunch in Papa John (Hoong Wei aka the cheese king recommended this pizza restaurant to me, telling me that we should give it a try if we are there), so without hesitation we just entered to Papa John when we found one in Time Square. So I give Hoong Wei a call and see if he got any good pizza recommendation. (But, what I found out is that he never tried it before as well... Aiks... so in the end, I decided to get myself as a Ginny pig for this). As a summary, the pizza is not bad, specially the bread, but on the cheese side, Hoong Wei, i still think that the "shop" that we usually go to is way much better! - Al thought I have already ordered an extra cheese pizza during this meal :"P (Serious...)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (KL Trip)Take a break @ J Co

We have our tea break @ J co. The donuts shop from our neighboring country Indonesia. (PG only have Big Apple, so we decided to try out the donuts @ J Co). :)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (KL Trip)LB is feeling good. :)

Too bad, I did not bought what I needed in Low Yat (a 8GB XtremeIII CF card for the up coming event shooting this weekend - it is just like another RM11 cheaper than PG, so... I think it is better that I grab it in PG then.)

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (KL Trip)Not Again...

Anyway I guess I will continue the photo posting of Day 2 tomorrow. Before I end this post, I will just post one of my silly photo here for viewing. :"P

Stay tune for the 2nd part and thanks for viewing. :)

* LB said that I should not post the 1st photo, she think her smile is kinda silly... (But I think is very nice and natural) I wonder if I made the wrong decision on that photo, what do you all think? ~:"P


  1. 哇哈哈~~我好像都忘了做一件事了!
    怎么你好象瘦去了?不会是你把照片给 stretch 起来了吧……? =.="

  2. hey...SH smile...is so so so so so so so..happy....that one is the smile i always c when in the school...wahhahahahhaha.....

  3. 家梅: 哈哈。。。她很好。不过工作就忙了一些。我会把您的问候传达给她。谢谢您。:)我瘦了?好象是吧。。。工作好忙。不瘦也难啊。。。(才不会把照片strech起来了。:“P)

    Shuang: Hey!Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Yeah I told her is nice but she keep denying it. (I think you should reinforce on that so that she will believe it) :") Thanks again for dropping by.

  4. Very nice pic, natural... She is pretty on those:)

  5. Lilian: Thanks! She should listen to me :"P hehe...

    Beh: Thanks for dropping by and the comments. :)

  6. 1st pic nice ah...ALL also NICE. :)

  7. 小慧: Thanks for the support. :D





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