The 7 Dwarfs - Group Shot

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (7 Dwarfs)"Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho"

It has been a while that LB asked me to get a group shot for her 7 dwarfs. (These started after the last shot for Doc & Happy, I guess she like it and I'm glad... :")) So..., in order to accomplish the mission, I decided (and determined) to complete the group shot today.

It has been a while that I think about how to make a good group shot for the dwarfs, it is not that easy to get 7 shorties into the same photos and in the same time you think about what type of mood that you wanna deliver to your audiences. (Anyway, something has crossed my mind today before i start the shot... - on my way back to home after a long day of coding - I guess I need some photo refreshment here. :"P)

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (7 Dwarfs)"Don't mess with us"

In the end, I have come up with 2 version of group shots. One with a more happy (or should I say Kiddo feel) while another one is a more heavier series feel (Gangster feel...opps).

Do let me know which one you all prefer. :) Thanks for viewing and enjoy. :)


  1. second one looks nice on the lighting but the bokeh a lil too much IMHO...:D

  2. Hehe... Not a problem, Thanks for the comment Beh. :)

  3. Lovely...

    I know-liau, the one saw it in Disneyland:p

  4. Jess: Thx... Just hope that you will like it. :)

    Lilian: TQ so so much. :) We bought this set at one of the toy shop @ HK. (On the mountain where the wax muzium is located). The one that we saw in the US disneyland is way too much expensive (that one is made by wood and is extremely NICE as well as Expensive :"P)

    But you still remember that we saw that set before. Keng arr! :D

  5. the one also tempting me-mah... May be I like fairy tale, so this always my fav. I like the 1st pic, as it appears for me the whole set while the 2nd pic is not.

  6. Hehehe... I see... :) Yeah all these cartoon characters have been living in our heart for quite some times. (Since we are young I guess) Anyway thanks to you for making a choice from the 2 photos above. :D

  7. 第二张,感觉到有些被重视了,有些被忽略了,就是你偏心的感觉…… :P 气氛也的确比较凝重了一点(有点像很兴奋要去干架的样子…… =.=")哈哈

  8. 哈哈。。。竟然被说偏心了。。。好好,下一回要小心些。:“P 干架。。。哈哈,猜对了。就是要去干架的感觉。:)(还故意把重点放在表情最有杀气的那一个呢):)





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