8.2F MM501

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Nikkor 105mm F2.8)Need some Macro?

8.2F MM501 is just the reverse order for 105MM F2.8. I have been using this lens for the past few days for the photos in my blog post and I guess is time to return to the 小慧. :) (Of course as well as those figures that she borrowed me :"P).

Honestly speaking this lens is a superb and sharp macro lens. (No doubt about that) how it eventually recorded down all the details and texture of an object. I just love it. :) Other than that, it also could acted as a telephoto lens as well. (Where all the photos produce is pretty pretty tight - Just love the tight feeling in the photo). :)

Anyway I guess I should pack him up and get ready to return to 小慧 tomorrow. (Thanks ya 小慧) and Good night everyone. :)

* I guess I started to fall in love with telephoto... may be I should budget to get one as well. :"P (LB, don't kill me ya... :"P)


  1. wow...sweet. telephoto lens is a must have dude...hehehe...

    your LB won't kill you la. she should know you love your hobby. :D

  2. Thanks Beh for dropping by. :) Yeah... is a must. :) bring you to the whole new perspective as well. :)

    She won't kill me. (I am just exaggerating here :"P) Will see how this goes... still waiting for the new Nikkor 70-200mm. (Hopefully the price is reasonable) :)

  3. 我的普通相机能拿到最近的焦点距离是…… 1cm 吧……

  4. 1CM算是很好了。。。很靠近了!:)(不错!至少知道您相机的最靠近的距离.)

  5. CH:不好意思……我是看相机介绍的时候看到的……自己也有试过,真的是差不多 1cm 距离 :D

  6. 豪老师,

  7. 家梅:很好。。。,至少还有去看看您相机的介绍。 多认识些也是好事。:)


  8. 可以啦!你年底的团友就是你的白老鼠。反正他们乐意暂冲名模。让你这一位大师操刀。

  9. 哈哈。。。好好。。。希望到时候有一些佳作呈现给大家。:“)





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