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Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Nikon Lens Cap)The 24-70mm F2.8 lens cap.

Finally I am back from my KL trip. A 4 days 3 nights KL trip... although I am a bit tired (driving around and stuck in some slow moving traffic). But it is nice and at least get myself (and LB) away from thinking about work for a while. Meeting with some friends in KL and talking nothing but crap (aka bird talks... :"P - but is fun to doing some catch up with them :))

So a quick photos for today is the the 1st photos that I took in KL. (In the room... no lighting setup - since I have been traveling light - sorry to my tripody for leaving him at home) using just the light from the window. So going back to history, this is the so call smart and useful "snap on" lens cap that Nikon introduce back in 2003. (If I am right... sorry if I am wrong, memory has been serving me pretty bad lately). This type of lens cap will allow the photographer to remove and snap on the cap in a much faster and easier way. (Specially for the lens with hood!)

Cutting down the lengthy history, I will be posting some of the photos that I took in KL in the next few days. :) (There is not a lot photos, but hopefully I will get it ready ASAP). :") - and of course some stories in KL. :"P

* My special thanks to Shane and Daniel for letting us cramp into their places for a few night stays. THANKS!! :)


  1. 哈哈。。。没什么特别,只是朋友们聚聚谈天的情形。:“P





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