Black Kittie Adventure

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bali Display)GPS:"You've arrived @ your destination"

One day the black Kittie from Bali decided to leave Bali and pay a visit to his relatives who are currently staying @ CH home. (Yes that's my house). After a darn long journey, he finally make it to CH's home... and jump into the house via the metal gate...

"Yes I will just go into the house then"

Resting on the fence and wondering if he should go into the house. (Actually he is welcome. Just that he is hesitated to go into the house - shy mar... :"P). But in the end... he decided to go in as well. :) (Of course, is time to pay them a visit right?) :)

Today setup is simple... (again one light + some mixture of ambient light (as background)) I started to shot inside the house... and not really satisfy with the final result, so I decided to get myself outdoor (before the whole sky gets totally dark) for all these shots. (At least I am happy with the shots produced). Hope that you all will enjoy it as well. :)

Thanks for viewing and have a nice evening. :)


  1. Nice shots! Love the colourful lights cast on the gate..
    Second pic looks like the kitty has just waken up, and stretching his body..

  2. Hi B&G, THANKS! :) Love the light cast and bokeh of the 1st photo as well...

    Yeah 2nd photos kitty is like stretching the body. :D hehe...

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. curi curi masuk rumah punya kitty...


  4. 哈哈。。。是啊。。。偷偷的跑进来了。:“P

    两张照片的猫,都是同一只猫。(可能角度问题吧。。。) - 正所谓:”花猫,黑猫,傻傻分不清楚。。。“ :”P

  5. 只要能够抓到老鼠的,就是好猫……所以你的那只肯定不是好猫 :P

  6. 哈哈。。。猜对了。。。因为它是木猫!:D





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