George + Fang Ying : The BIG Man from ...

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Deepak)The bottle doesn't looks like Milk to me. ~: |

I would like to introduce DEEPAK! the BIG MAN from... Ipoh. :) (Correct me if I am wrong... :"P) One of the BIG brother in the gang of brothers. :) Handsome, Sporting, Charming, Macho... (What else.. too much for me think of... hehe)

Deepak is doing some milk advertisement for George Cooperation here. (I am just kidding...:"P) He is actually helping Mr George to convince the gang of sister to allow George to bring back Fang Ying to his home. (I am not sure what drink that he is consuming... there are just too many bottles that day... and I believe all of them (the "brothers" have been really sporting finishing all the "drinks?" that the sister prepared.)

Anyway Deepak, you're the MAN! ;-)

Keep this short... here I go processing photos again... (while listening to Daughtry...). Have a nice evening everyone. :)


  1. hahahaha...great shot~! keep em comin...

  2. Gis... Beh... you are fast! post tak sampai 5 minutes you already seen it... ~:O Terror!

    Anyway Thanks. :)

  3. 哈哈~每次看到那些新郎的兄弟们被整,就很好笑! :P 幸好我不是男的

  4. 天啊。。。听起来很有“SM"的倾向喔。。。:”P嘻嘻。(说实在的真的很替他们可怜,不过为了兄弟没办法了,一定要拼出去了!)》:D

  5. adoi hahahha nice shot nice shot ..yeah i am from Ipoh u'r rite!

  6. Hey Deepak... Thanks man. Hope that you will like your photo :) (And thanks for your origin info as well ;D)

  7. hahaha...we're following your blog closely ma...:D

    die hard fan~!

  8. Aiseh... TQ TQ so so much... :") (Thanks for the support ya! :))

  9. 不是 SM,只是大家一起开心嘛!逗一下新娘的姐妹,新郎就可以赢得美人归了哦!值得值得~
    我可不是变态的……只是超级变态而已 :D

  10. 哈哈。。。明白明白。。。只是要逗您罢了。。。


    不过,您说的对。。。“只是大家一起开心嘛!逗一下新娘的姐妹,新郎就可以赢得美人归了哦” ;)





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