George + Fang Ying : The GSM "Sisters"

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Meei Wen)Meei Wen

During the wedding, the bride will have the band of "sisters" by her side supporting (or so call protecting) the bride from being easily rob (nicely said is obtained by the groom), unless they have received enough ransom and after "punished" the groom as well as the gang of "brothers" at their maximum capability. (aka the cruelest way that they could think about...of course... Gis...)

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Choon Mei)Choon Mei

There are 3 GSM ladies who have been the "sisters" for Fang Ying on her BIG day. I am going to put this post short, so that I could proceed with my photo processing here. Let me introduce you Mei Ween, Jael and Choon Mei.

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Jael)Jael

All the 3 gorgeous ladies are from our GSM room. For those guys who are interested with them, I am sad to announce that they are no more available (From what I know of... One is getting married next year, one is attached (and marrying soon) and another one is a soon to be mom - congratz :)).

Keep this short, hope that you all will enjoy the photos for today. Have a nice evening. :)

* Thanks Ladies, for allowing me to post your photos here. Really appreciate it. >; )


  1. wow weee....good job bro~!

    nicely taken~! more more more...hahaha...:D

  2. Hehe... Thanks. let's see what else can I share today. :"P

  3. 支持!支持!介绍你,


  4. Kancil: 部落格里的照片拍的很好啊。。。难怪能够入选BEST PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG 2009!:)(是朋友的吗?)。谢谢介绍。:)

    Lilian: TQ TQ... :) Hope that you all like it.

  5. 我不认识他,也是从其他的部落格里找到的。我知道他纽西兰的旅记曾经成为今年二月jalan-jalan的主题。

  6. 很好的一个部落格,谢谢介绍。:)

  7. 哇哇~~都是 leng lui~~(有点变态的说……)
    当然,也多得摄影师的技巧了~! :D

  8. 哈哈。。。看得开心就好了。:)谢谢光临。:)





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