George + Fang Ying Wedding Day - Teaser

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (George & Fang Ying)Fang Ying getting ready

I know I have not posting any blog post for the last 2 days, I apologize for that. It has been a very packed weekend last week and I have went to Georgie and Fang Ying wedding day as their photographer.

What I could say is that the day/the guys/the galz/the crowd looks gorgeous that day. (Beh... if you are reading this, is TRUE ok... :"P, tak tipu one... :"P hehe, So... don't tease me anymore. :"P) Everybody has been very sporting and cooperative to get the day going smoothly. The morning session ended smoothly and the dinner was held @ island plaza. The whole dinner event completed around 11pm, and I got home around 12am. (So looks like, it is a bit late for a blog post OR even Twitter - and seriously I sleep like a PIGgie... after that... :"P). Anyway, although I am tired, but i feel great about the whole thing. :)

And on Sunday, I have brought LB out to rest our self nicely (and to watch the Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince movie) on the last day of the week. So basically, I started my photo processing on the evening session of Sunday.

So, before I ended this post, I will post a photo of their BIG day here as a teaser while waiting for the rest of the photo processing to be completed (and the review from the groom and bride also). :")

Stay tune... and Thanks. :)

* Meei Wen (Just in case you are reading this), I planned to post your photos previously, but but... in the end, I didn't do so... :"P (If you feel fine for me to post it, do let me know so that I could get your photos up here). :") Thanks ya! :)


  1. hahaha...bro, relax la. I'm just pulling your leg la...

    great shot man...can't wait to see the rest...

  2. waiting for the photo post...

  3. Beh: I know... :"P hehehe...

    Kancil: Yeah once it is ready and reviewed, I will get it up. :)

    Thanks everyone. :)





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