Hong Wei & Huie Chien in da BLOG?

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Hong Wei & Huie Chien)Hong Wei & Huie Chien - They looks very match right? :)

Let me introduce Hong Wei & Huie Chien. They are just the couple who sit beside me in the office. They are also part of our lunch/tea time gang. (What I could say is that they are also the same level as me in crap talk... yes we talk a lot and A LOT of crap... pardon us). Anyway what I could say is that we are just pretty close.

Hong Wei is a sporting guy... and he is the Cheese/Manuka King. (You won't wanna imagine why he get all this nickname). Just imagine how he consume cheese as well as his knowledge in Manuka Honey. and for Huie Chien, a pretty sporting girl, straight forward and easy to mix with. To conclude everything, they are just a friendly and lovely couple. :"D

Anyway, I love this couple shot, that's why I posted it here. Hope that everyone as well as you two (Just in case you two read this) will like it as well. Good night. :)


  1. seems that the focus is on towards Hong Wei and Huie Chien is a little OOF...

    keep em' comin~! :D

  2. Yeah... due to the perspective... (+ the photographer error qx"P) darn me...

    Thanks for dropping by Beh. :)

  3. 吃太多 cheese 不好的…… :P 照片的颜色挺不错的哟!

  4. 不会啦。。。Cheese是很爽的。(我也超爱Cheese...):”P

    是啊,就是要照片带有一些热情的感觉。:)(虽然,Huie Chien那里有小小的OOF,不过,觉得他们太登对了,还是决定把他俩的照片POST在这里)。:)

  5. 我在期待他们成为你下一个摄影的主角。

  6. 哈哈。。。 那就要看他们何时会“拉埋天窗”了。。。:“P (当然,他们也赏脸的邀请我做他们的摄影师。。。:”))





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