Just another Saturday

Animal Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Dog)Recover soon...

Just another tired Saturday for me, (After I came back from Alor Setar and then go for another Transformer movie (for the 2nd time :"P) this afternoon with the rest of the gang which is like kinda fun as well :)).

While for the photos, nothing special today... no light setup this round, I guess the lazy bugSss... is crawling in me... (is good being lazy sometimes I suppose... :"P) My neighbor told me that his little dog is sicked. (Not sure due to what... may be some barger has feed him with something poison... darn) so i stand over the fence and took a shot at this poor doggie.

Anyway, hope that he will recover soon... (he is really really skinny now... sigh...) <:-(


  1. 可怜的狗儿……营养不良的感觉……
    不会是你让它食物中毒的吧……(然后把罪证拍起来,收着当作造孽成功的纪念 =.=" )哈哈~~

  2. 唉。。。我没有那么变态吧。。~:|(天啊。。。把我看成那样的人=.=")

  3. Huh...2nd time Transformers II, fainted:p

  4. Yeah... 2nd time Lilian... and I still think is very nice... :)

  5. 可怜的小狗。好像主人没有好好的照顾哦!

  6. 主人因该是有照顾,还看过他帮它们冲凉什么的。主人还去买了药给它吃。。。 不过,现在的它真的瘦骨如柴。。。唉。。。





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