Love Baby Love!

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Micky & MInnie)Love is in the air

It has been another tiring Sunday after a detailing session. I am still thinking like if I could come out with a photo today. Anyway, I just get myself, setup one light for this round of shot. (Everything has been completed in a pretty quick manner where I completed almost everything in 10 minutes after the initial photo composition in my head - which is good, which means I can rest earlier today... :D... YEAH!).

Today we have mickey and Minnie hugging each other... and I am shooting this base on the love song [Love is in the air]. (Hope that you all feel some love in this photo :"P)

Anyway, I wanna get my rest now... still need to code and meeting time line (at least for my own time line) tomorrow. Hope that you all will enjoy the photo for this post. Have a good rest... and... a great week starting tomorrow. ;) Good Night! :)


  1. 唔唔……我会觉得,不怎么表达得到两只小家伙互相之间的爱意……可能是因为看不到 mickey 的眼睛的关系吧……
    ** 呵呵,我还真会批评呀! :P

  2. 哈哈。。。没关系。:)有批评才会有进步啊:)





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