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TAbstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ray of Light)Ray of light from the window

Ok ladies and gents, there will be no wedding related photos to share today. :") (I will temporary stop posting something like that today...). But... But... for FYI..., at least I have completed the stage 1 of processing... for all the photos (Morning and dinner... that I am so glad about it) and I am entering the stage 2 now... Once I completed that. It should be ready for the couples to reviewed and finally posted it up for the rest of you to view it...

Anyway, photo for today is taken @ my kitchen nothing special and is during the evening time when the sun is setting. I noticed the ray of light from my kitchen window that goes through the window that reached my dry kitchen... I saw it... I love it then I snapped it. :) (Nothing special, just that the shadow from the kettle... somehow make me feel peace inside...) :"P

Anyway, hope that you all have a nice evening as well as weekend. Rest well and have fun. :)


  1. wow...your kitchen is huge man...the the shadow from the ray of light hitting the kitchen table is soooooo loooonnnnggg....


  2. Hi Beh... The table is around 6ft long. (If i remember correctly) I guess is just the perspective view... :")

    Thanks for dropping by man. :)

  3. 看来……摄影师也可以当骗子了…… =.="
    不过,从照片看来,至少都有 7 尺长吧?看到 7 块砖呢……要是平均一块砖 = 1 尺的话(要是那是小块的砖,那就很小了……哈哈) :P

  4. Dry Kitchen is around 14 ft long la....:S

  5. Another nice shot! Lovely! Again, I would admit that the SUN is lovely.. :P although I dun really like IT.

  6. Jess: Sorry... I guess I already forget how long my own dry kitchen is... hehe... (I Thought our back land is like 10ft long... so thought that the dry kitchen is around 6ft... looks like it is 20ft? - My memory is getting worse. (sigh):"P)

    B&G: Yeah..., evening sun is kinda cozy. not that hot. think that the one on the afternoon is a bit too much for me as well. qX"|

  7. Yes got cook... :) Kitchen is use for cooking anyway. ;)





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