Sight for sore eyes

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Sight for Sore Eyes)And yes, it is darn sore now.

Been sitting in front of my PC for the whole darn day. My eyes start to get tired and I wondering if I am seeing my color right even thought I have my calibrator connected to my PC. (I guess I needed to trust my eyes more in stead of a tiny devices).

So I decided to get out from the computer room and get myself a Coke. (Yes, I drink coke a lot and now there is a 1.5L coke beside me now...) and then I realized that my eyes is tired that even itself cannot focus properly now... ~: | (darn).

So getting an idea of that, I shot this photo. It is actually the view from my computer room to my living room... presenting the thought of sight for sore eyes. :"P (I remember that my sis do bought me the shirt - "Sight for sore eyes" from Mossimo last time. Love the shirt a lot cause it has a blurred wording printing on that t-shirt). :D

Anyway, I think I should get some rest now... ending my day with these blog post. Tomorrow will be another hectic day rushing for the coding release. Hopefully all of you will have great day tomorrow. Good night.


  1. 你房间的灯是黄色的啊?黄色的灯是浪漫,可是长时间的话,对眼睛不好哦!哈哈

  2. Also, too much of Coke isn't good too! It's simply too much SUGAR...Anyway, nice posting! I like it! Blur is not always vague. It stands out some times.

  3. 家梅: 房间的灯是白的。客厅的是黄的。:“P 不过,电脑看久了。。。眼睛也会有些累吧。。。:”D

    B&G: Yeah... :"P Just need COKE sometimes to have some kick. (Already been in the middle of reducing daily volume of it). Yeah, kinda like it blur sometimes... dunno why... Anyway, not enough reflection in the living room, if not the bokeh will be much nicer. :")

  4. 我的眼睛开始朦了。:S

  5. 哈哈,Kancil您也真的是太配合了。谢谢。:)

  6. besides coke, need to reduce on coffee too! :P

  7. Yeah... yeah... in the processing of reducing... still in progress. :"P





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