Something is Out There

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bali Display)"Honey... Do you feel that somebody is watching us."

I guess I have pretty much finish snapping (almost finish...) with what I have so far. (Hehe... almost running out of subject to snap today until I spotted the 2 little kitties that I bought during my trip to Bali). :)

Today theme is "Something is Out There". I am an alien believer where I believe that alien do exists in the universe and they are like watching us from above the sky. (May be someone/thing that might be more superior than us and are ensuring that the earth is following the path it should be going)... Darn sound darn spooky right. (Hope that I didn't freak you all out with all these stupid theory.) :"P

Anyway Hope that you all enjoy the photo for today. I also hope that I could get myself out to snap outside the house/ on the street. (Let's hope that I will have some times off after July - After I finish my project release). Then I will go back to my portraiture shot that I used to snap. ~:") (Hope so...)

Hope that you all will enjoy the photos for this round. Have a nice evening. :)

* Gosh... is raining like cats and dogs over here... ~: |


  1. 第一个回复的人就是坐沙发 :D



  2. 是啊。。。:D你又是沙发啦。。。



    当然我还有别的看法。。。不过,还是别说了,不然等一下人家说我神经病:“P 哈哈。。。:)

  3. CH:哈哈~那我也还是避忌一些的好,不然待会儿弄脏了你的家就不好了 :P

  4. 哈哈。。。不会啦。。。 少担心的。:“P





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