Star War: Are you ready, soldier?

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Star War)
I won't say that I am really a star war fans... I just love the character in the movie... Darth Vader, Skywalker, Bouty Hunter as well as their Jedi's special weapon... the light saber!! (I bet Hoong Wei remember this a lot, since he just love this weapon and always talk about it when we are in the company. :"P)

Anyway, today... I am back to the classic way of using flash... on camera flash. :"P (Opps..., where is the off camera flash goes?) I have pretty much (seriously... seriously...) running out of creative juices today after a long day of coding. (Gis...). Here are a collection of star wars head magnet figure on my frig. :) (Snap...snap... and here we are... :)) the soldier character in the star war movie... I am not sure what they are called in general... so educate me if anyone of you know about it. :) (Thx).

Anyway, I should go and get myself pack up. I will depart to KL for the next few days (Since Monday is a replacement holiday for us). I will try to get myself to snap some photos in KL if possible and may be do a backlog post when I am back to PG. :)

So..., see you guys/galz again next week. Take care and have fun weekend ahead. :)


  1. 哇……你收集很多这些东东啊……可是好像都是坏人的角色……

  2. 家梅: 是吗?有啦。。。好人的也有。:“P (只是我发现往往坏人的角色设计都会比较出色 - 比如【A Bug Story】 里的Hopper, Transformer 里面的Megatron...当然还有Star War里面的Darth Vader,都做得很好)。您不觉得吗?

    Kancil: 是啊。。。派上用场了。不知道还有什么可以用的吗。:”P哈哈。

  3. 哈哈,这倒也是……不懂为什么哈?他们会花那么多心思在设计坏人的形象上? =.="

  4. 哈哈。。。这样观众才会记得坏人啊。。。不然,观众只会记得好人的美好形象啊。





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