TGI Friday!

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Roger Rabbit)Yeah, that's CH who hand Roger up there. :"P
Finally it is Friday again. (I am really glad about that (for being able to get some rest during the weekend) although my project release timeline is getting nearer and nearer. It has almost a coding day for the last few months - Joel has been teasing me about my twitter status - "Yeah, you are coding..." :"P While I am borrowing the CF card from him yesterday. :"P hehe...)

BTW Joel, Thanks for your CF card, at least it makes me worry-less for the wedding shooting of Georgie and Fang Ying tomorrow. Really appreciate it. :-D

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Roger Rabbit)You will be just fine after the photo shot, I promise.

Today photos of the day is Roger Rabbit getting hang up and having a tough time getting down. Yeah, it is pretty much the same as what I have been facing in my project lately where you will meet some cynical people which makes your life slightly (yeah...slightly) harder sometimes, causing roadblock on some of the tasks that you are working on. (But, I bet that's part of challenge in life).

Anyway, a short post... I will get myself/ gear ready for tomorrow wedding photo shot. (Battery charging, sensor cleaning, lens cleaning, CF formatting...etc).

Have a great Friday night everyone. :) (and CHEERS to Georgie and Fang Ying @ their LTM).


  1. 周五了~~~我今天跟人家 chatting 了一整个下午,好像都没做到工,没有 mood~~ 哈哈

  2. 哈哈。。。周五是那样了。。。不过,在赶着Deadline,不敢有半点亵慢。。。不然会很惨啊。。。(南无南无。。。:“P)

  3. Sure will do... >:) all things are ready... engine is rumble for tomorrow. (Vroom... Vroom...)

  4.'s Friday... but i am still working :(

  5. No worry... I will get you out for some walk On Sunday ya. :") (TQ TQ)





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