All You Need is Luck

After a busy, packed and fun full morning session... ( I went back, did a backup copy of the morning photos, recharge myself and...) Up Next, is the dinner session for George + Fang. They have their dinner session @ one of the restaurant inside the island Plaza at Penang. And me again... as their wedding photographer will go and capture the last event of their BIG day. :) Here is some of the photos taken during the dinner. Hope that you all will enjoy it.

Fang Ying @ the reception

Some Decoration in the restaurant

Some shots for the kids

Gis, Who is this uncle (I think I look scary somehow) :"P

Wei Chang kids. Cute right? :)

Deepak, our handsome and cool guy!

With his wife. :) (Another lovely couple)

Some conversation going on

And some resting in their comfort zone

Some come prepared as well

Fang Ying & George Making their entrance

The MC performing the 1st song (And yes, he has LOVE in his face) :)


Waiting for the event to start

May Ling doing some catch up with his TAR friends

KABOOM~!! George Made it!!

Fang Ying will need some help here

Let's get this ready

For the next toast

Fang Ying is so cheerful here. :)

A toast for from the whole family, follow with the...

The video viewing session

Fang Ying enjoy it

Deepak also can't stop laughing

So do BK

Uncle is wathcing it calmly

Some watch it coolly

Uncle burst into laugh

George also love it. he can't stop laughing wathcing the video.

Some Yum Seng session. I can't hear you~!

Introducing Wei Chang

our TAC friends! Energetic!!

Even the granny and little one enjoy the Yum Seng session

Fang Ying mom is happy as well. Check out her smile.

So do Georgie

Again, Don't mess with the ladies, They could really shout it out LOUD

TAR people is responding with their toast

Some group shoot

MC is leaving and his best wishes for the couples

As well as from the friends

This shoot give me some gilmours feel again. :)

You are sweating


Aren't they chikcy :"D

can you feel the ENERGY of the hug!

YEAH... Gerogie is happy with his friends around

Let's get a group shoot

Welcome to Holloywood! Let's meet the stars

Kyoko Leaving the dinner

So do some of the relatives

I bet Fang Ying is very happy with all the wishes

TAC friend, let's get a group shot here

And for the ladies...

A final shoot for Fang Ying before I left

It has been a very tiring day. But I am happy with all the photos taken. I hope the couples will love it. (At least I love it very much). Anyway, not to forget, my BEST WISHES to both of you.

Photos for this wedding could be viewed here as well:
Morning Session
Dinner Session

Thanks for viewing and good night everyone. Have a great day tomorrow. :D


  1. Good Luck bro...but I know you don't need luck but more towards calmness in you...everything will be alright...:)

  2. Thanks Beh... I guess you are right, just need to be calm and faced whatever S*it that is coming over. >: ) and I will be all right~!

    (Background music: Everything gonna be all right...) :"P

  3. the unsettled feelings is the indication of a creation has been worries :) you are doing great~!

  4. Kancil: 好,希望明天的Testing能够顺利完成。也能够参与您们的Team Building. :D (吃大餐!)

    Lean: Hey Lean! Thanks for dropping by and also for the encouragement. You should return to the blog world though. (I still have your blog in my list). Let me know if you plan to come out with a new one OK? ;) (Pai seh for not being to chat with you lately, stuck with all the release works, anyway it will come to an end soon) ;)

  5. For all the good luck wishes, I wanna say the photo is very nice! Love the effect!!

  6. 好可爱的猫仔哦~~!!真美啊!

  7. B&G: Thanks for the wishes. :)

    家梅: 是吧。。。就拿招财猫当作您粘土的下一个project吧。:)

  8. I saw this ornament in Azuma just now. Is it from there?

  9. B&G... it is not. You could bought it at those small stall in the shopping mall. (They have this in different sizes) If I remember correctly, I bought it @ one of the small stall in Gurney.

  10. Haha.. cos I went there just now. By the time I stepped out. Coincidentally saw it.. "oh.. this looks exactly like the one I saw from you blog" .. what is the sign?.. seeing the same thing twice a day.. one-virtual, one-real.. I guess that happened twice d.. haha.. Happy Friday and happy weekend ahead!

  11. DE-JA-VU~! :"P You (and all the viewers) Happy Friday and have a great weekend ahead. ;)

  12. i like this, where u bought?





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