Believe in Your Power Within

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Japanese Doll)
Finally is Friday. I feel much better today completed all the required change request for the release as well as the testing today. (Thanks to everyone who have wished me yesterday, I believe that help somehow :)).

Photos for today is a Japanese doll that my mom give me when she returned from her Japan trip. it has been kept with the other collections in my wardrobe. and today I decided to get her out from there for a shot. Trying out with different setup and finally, I close the session with this one. :) Trying to get the effects of some lighting effects behind the doll (Like there are energy coming out from the doll itself). So I titled the post today as "Believe in Your Power Within". :)

Since this is a Japanese Doll, I will use this as a dedication for those who will be joining us to the Japan trip on November. (I know I am excited about this trip, since this is my 1st time there :"D, I believe the rest feel the same as well). And also... I would like to dedicate this to 2 of the birthday boy(or man?) VINCENT CHEE!! and birthday girl ... HUI CHIEN!! who are celebrating their birthday today. :) My best wishes to both of you, may all your wishes will come true. ;)

Have a pleasant Friday everyone and a great weekend ahead. :D Good Night. :)


  1. 沙发~!
    11 月去日本,不会冷吗?

  2. 是啊,,,沙发。 没有什么公仔了。。。希望可以拍人像了。:)哈哈。。。(还在筹备工具中):“)


  3. Congrats for your hard work completed:)

  4. Hey Lilian, thanks... :) I feel pretty relief as well.





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