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Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Self)Let's go back to the twenties

Yes, nothing much for today, I have caged myself in the house playing with the umbrella and understand how the whole thingy or setup works. (Studying the difference between the bounce and the shoot through) :"P Without any model, (LB is busy with her release, so she is not free to be my free model :"P) so I got no choice but to put myself on the table to try out. Anyway pardon me if it look pretty weird here. (I feel weird as well looking at my own photos... ~: |). May be I should get some model soon. (Tatty just in case you are reading this, are you ready? :"P)

Moving the light stand here and there in the hall, changing the height and see what type of effects it will produced. as well as how could we included some ambient feel into the photo with strobe in it. Until.... I realized that my body's battery has run dried. (Darn... battery has already ran pretty flat yesterday and I forget to charge it, memory has been serving me pretty bad lately. X| ) So in the end, I stop the shooting session for tonight.

So it is just me in a black & white photo for today (back to the twenties when the black & white TV just started). Looking kinda stupid here. (I am a bad model I guess... haha)

That's all for tonight. Have a nice evening everyone. :)

* Not a really perfect focusing photo, anyway... will try much better next time. ;)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I can't help laughing.. :) phew wit! potential model what.

  3. Hehe... yeah no worry. :"P I bet this is going to happen. Potential model? may be not... :"P (Darn, I still feel I look silly here, Hahaha)

  4. I nearly vomit my breakfast - apple that I just had...haha... Pai sei, laughed at you... You should get a model:p

  5. siu siu... no wear cloth >.< close my eyes.

  6. wah... why only showed till your shoulder? We want to see the whole. haha

  7. Lilian: So pai seh that I caused you vomit. :"P I will make sure that I find a more presentable model next time :"P

    Meg: No larr get used to it at home without any shirt d. ~:"P so.., while doing all this test shot, it is like that d. Darn, I should get a shirt on next time for an official one.(But no worry the pants is on though)

    Kancil: Muhahaha... no larr better don't. Later Lilian terus pengsan ka liao liao. (without vomit some more) then is safety issue already. :"P

  8. 你竟然拍裸照…… =.=" 还拍到很古典的感觉一下……哈哈
    有种被“欺负”了之后,默默地承受然后遥望彼岸的感觉…… :P

  9. 天啊。。。没有啊~!哈哈,不过,被您形容成那样,也真的没话可说了。:“P





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