A Chilling Monday

Animal Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Dog)"Hey buddy stay calm, he is just a photographer"

It has been another long (and chilling) Monday for me. Waking up found it is raining and LB is not feeling well (So I decided to WFH to ensure that she is fine). Then received an email US peer for help on certain tasks (Since he has been pretty behind on his development work and we are in the crunch time on releasing our project this week). And finally..., my PM ping me again to check on the email that she sent to me on my Sunday. (Pretty much she need some inputs and info and how to deal with the users on their inquiries). After 2 training classes, the users think that it is better that I create a help video for them to used it. So, I go scouting for an application to create a live video for the users (Checking with 小慧 and she recommended the Webex, but looks like WebEx only provide you with a 14 days trials). So in the end, I go back to the live meeting way for recording.

Animal Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Dog)He looks pretty calm and steady here (Deep in thought as well)

So in the end, there goes my days... completed with pretty much everything (and I guess we are ready for release). then I decided to go out for a walk and I saw these 2 "buddies" again at my neighbor house. So I decided to grab my camera and snap them as the photos of the day. BTW, the little doggies in this post has recovered (Active... and healthy) and I'm glad. These 2 buddies have been pretty close to each other and when I go close to them for a shoot, the smaller one tends to bark at me while the bigger brother tends to calm him down. (And of course, the bigger one has a more macho and mature looks). :)

Anyway, I guess that's all about today... I hope you all have a great day (a not so blue Monday) and a nice evening. :) CHEERS~!


  1. 沙发~~
    回头跟你笑一笑 :D

  2. 哈哈。。。是啊。沙发是您的。。:“)不然似乎也没然来坐了。:"P 我也是比较喜欢第二张。。。它看过来的感觉。。。很亲切。:)

  3. 第一张好诡异。只见到小狗的前半身。

  4. 哈哈。。。是啊。。。看起来有些。。。。不见了后半身的感觉。:”P





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