A Dramatic Day

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wolverine)and yes with some disappointment as well

It has been a long and dramatic day and get to know that the release has been postpone due to some issue. Pretty much they found a last minute bug from a module (which is like a show stopper for the whole release). I got nothing to say but to accept the fact that it has been postpone to another week. But later on, I do received an email from my manager if I have any insight on why the team didn't find the bug during the testing phase. Pretty much..., a developer just completed the module on time and on the last testing, he found the bug and he think it will be a mess if everything deploy out which might caused data quality issue in it. (I think it is a good call to halt it).

But in the end, I realize that my PM told my manager that I am the one who is performing the testing (basically no body perform any testing on the module since it was just completed last minute). And now I realize why my manager sent an email to me. (and realize that I have been "put on the table" by my PM).

With mixture of all type of feeling (disappointment, anger...etc) I am pretty much have -ve trust with my PM now... After so many months of hard works and due to her intention to keep a good image of the whole project. She pretty much choose me out as an item to sacrifice?? Anyway, I don't understand and pretty much don't wanna think much about this. I always believe that, we are out there as a team, we success and fail as a team... take up the responsibility and admit that yes there are something wrong in the process or lack of resources planning. I don't mind at all, I know how much the team has paid off to get works done... (work like more than 10 hours/day to ensure things completed nicely) to ensure the project is a success. As I said in some of my previous post, no regret to success and fail as a team... but not like this... (sigh...)

Anyway, it has been a long day and taken this photo to reflect what I feel inside. There will be TechEd tomorrow. I think I will just left all these behind and attend the conference. :)

I hope that everybody will have a nice evening and day. Night... ~:)


  1. 呵呵,连续几天,舒舒服服地坐在沙发上 :P


    工作嘛,难免会遇到不如意的事情,也会遇到很多乱七八糟的人。不必介怀,大家也是为了自己的饭碗而已。我还是在不知情之下被老板摆上台供人家膜拜的呢!哈哈~~放轻松 :D

  2. 哈哈。。。是啊。。。:‘)最近也比较少人来留言了。所以,您可以好好的坐着您的沙发。;)




  3. Yes, ignore them... Don't push yourself too hard ya... Take care...

  4. Glad to see you know how to unwind yourself. Like what other bloggers said, relax, everything shall be better.

  5. Lilian: Thanks... Yeah already ignore her... (I even ignore her IM yesterday even if she ping me, I just really don't have the feeling to talk to her...), cause I really don't... after feel been... "betrayed"?

    B&G: Yeah... I am just fine...will be ok soon. Everything seems to be ok today. (Even if it is not, I will take it up as well - at least mentally I already prepare for it).

    Anyway, thanks for everybody concern on this. :")

  6. woooo...this is kinda bad..i mean the PM =P YES ignore her...good.
    Anyway GAMBATE yo...

  7. Hehe... thanks FY. I am pretty ok now... things will be over and I will be fine as well. No big deal. :)

  8. 换个角度想,现在也不会太迟了解她的为人。以后你可以向老板say no to her project!

  9. 是啊。。。以后,都不会想做她的Proj了。(至少,现在看清了她的为人)。南无南无。。。:“)





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