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I know I have not been posting yesterday. Decided to get an early rest for 7am meeting as well as the training that needs to be conducted today. (Basically I will need to wake up around 530am+ to get ready and then reach office before 7am). Anyway the photo yesterday is ready, just that I didn't process it and get it posted it up here. So we will have a double dose of photos today. :)

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Electric Guitar)My faithful classic electric guitar.

Lately I have been listening to Daughtry latest album "Leave this Town". Personally, I think the album is pretty nice. (Since I has been waited for his new album release on the day he released his single "No Surprise"). Somehow, this has awaken the rock spirit within me and I decided to get my electric guitar for a shooting session. (Too bad I didn't plug into the antique Roland amplifier to play it, I guess my finger has been getting pretty rusty right now).

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bali Display)This is L.O.V.E - P J Harvey

The other photo is pretty much a hanging decoration on the wall (Which I bought from Bali... again). Both photos taken with some high key setup this round. just to push out more contrast to display the edges on both of the objects.

Anyway, I will have an early post today. :) So, for those who have not taken their dinner yet. Hope that you all will enjoy your dinner and for those who are resting. Do have a nice evening rest. Take care. :)

* I am listening to Nickleback "Rockstar" now... Just in case somebody is interested to view it as well. ;)


  1. your fender looks nice man...

    wow, your house have lots of bali deco it's very very very nice...

  2. It is not a Fender Beh... :"P (I hope I have one Fender... too bad it is not a Fender :~() haha...

    Yeah been getting a lot of Bali decoration to decorate the house. :)

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. 哇……那是你的吉他吧!呵呵,前阵子我就是做了一把这样的小小电吉他,4cm 高,可是失败了,就收起来了……下回做个比较好的 :D

    呵呵……好像……我以前都没见过你 7 点到公司的哈? :P

  4. 是啊。。那是我的吉他。。。不过,也被我收起来好久了。:“P 4CM的吉他?好强。失败了,没关系下一回再来。。。正所谓。。。失败乃成功之母嘛。。。(又讲鸟话了):"P


  5. Wah lau got electric guitar:)

  6. Cool classic tone for the guitar. The This is LOVE at first glance, I thought it's some alien with 2 tentacles (like snail or sth):P Then after 'examine' the pic, then only I see two person are kissing..:P I guess my perception has gone wrong.

  7. Lilian: Yes I have one at home, but it has been grounded for sometimes. (The poor guitar) ~:"|

    B&G: Thanks. Hehe... may be is the composition that I took on the photos. :"P (Not your perspective problem) :")

    Thanks for dropping by everyone. :)





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