Give Me an Ice Cream

Food Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yes I need one. As well as some rest

Yes... in deed.. I need a break... has been working endlessly on the release coding for the last few weeks (even during evening until late night). I think I will need a rest soon. (Planned to get some time off for rest after this release - May be an ice cream as well to cold myself down? :"D)

And finally... (Although I don't think this is a real rest...) BUT..., I manage to get out of all this nasty coding world into a more slow pace and (tasty?) world? Yeah..., We have a short trip to Ipoh. Just for the sack of food. (and of course some walk...) Yeah, that's why I have not done any posting for the last 2 days. :"P

Four of us (Hong Wei, Huie Chien, LB & Me) have planned a small trip for food. And yes, we tried a lot of foodSss... and stayed overnight there. (by crushing into a small room - secretly... Opps..., but I think the room is good enough for four. :))

Anyway, one thing I feel relief about is that, by staying overnight there, I could really get myself out of computer screen for a while... (2 days may be?) get some time out in the night, eat @ the hawker stall, chatting... as well as stay in the room sit in front of the TV watching some X-games, reading some books, and have some crap talks with Hong Wei and the rest. But not forgetting that..., we have great foods served in Ipoh. (And finally, Hong Wei managed to taste the "Groundnut soup" as well as "Mua Zhi" that he has missed during his 1st trip there - Thanks to his great GPS) ;)

Anyway, I feel much better now. (Although I don't know how much weight I have gained, but at least I'm slightly recharged) :).

BTW, stay tune for the photos taken in Ipoh, I will share it out once it is ready. (Darn, all those photos are still in the CF... may be I should back it up right now) :"P

Good night everyone and have a great week starting tomorrow. :)


  1. 看了,听了,也肚子饿了。

  2. Yummilicious!! The fruits and ice-cream looked so tempting!!

  3. oh man, it looks so tempting especially when I'm sick...

    good shot bro...

  4. 哇……雪糕!雪糕! >.< 很久没有吃了~~明天就去买来吃!哼哼!

  5. Kancil: 嘻嘻。。。明天就买来吃吧!>:D

    B&G: Yeah... the mixture of all the ingredient is very da nice... Yummy! :D

    Beh: Sorry Beh. Hope that you will get well soon. Then can go and get some ice cream. :)

    家梅: 哈哈。。。好好。。。增加了您的食欲。等我procss完了后在和大家分享。不过,话说回来,也不知道食物的照片多不多。:“P哈哈。(只顾着吃嘛)

    Looks like I am causing everyone to feel like eating ice cream. :") Thanks everyone for dropping by.





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