Good Things do Come in Pair

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bali Display)Put it on a slightly warmer tone, not bad

I have went serviced my car today and then went out to QB mall for a reason. (My house Astro has been down for more than 2 days and no body has come over to fixed it yet). Although I have called so many times to rush for a repair but too bad, the end result is still the same. Looks like the monopoly of the satellite TV market do bring an impact to the customer/user. (Lack of good customer service). Gis... I wonder if they will really improve that. NO TV Shows for 2 days+ is no fun. :(

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bali Display)back to the normal, cooler tone. ;)

Anyway, stop mumbling about the Astro. Photos for today is a pair statues that I bought from Bali. (I think it is made by limestone). The statue represent 2 ladies here. The 1st time I saw it @ Bali, I think it is very nice. (LB love it as well). Initially, we plan to bought only one, but looks like it will look pretty lonely if there is only one statue there. So in the end, good things come in pair, we decided to bought both of it back and display it at home. :)

Anyway, Hope that everyone will have a great weekend... either with friends, family (or yourself). ;) ENJOY your weekend!

* I still hope that Astro problem will be solve soon, I don't hope that it got drag until Monday. :( (Which will be pretty long already... sob... sigh)


  1. good one...indeed good things comes in you and your LB...:)

  2. Wah lau eh, Astro still down, very good service they hv...

  3. I remember this kind of sand doll. My friend paid Rp30k for a pair.

  4. Beh: Thanks. (I am slightly flattered as well) :"P haha.

    Lilian: Just got fixed today. Basically, Astro will deduct the 3 days cost from my bill next month.

    Kancil: Yeah... there are a lot. (Will post up another series tonight). But I already how much did I pay for it. :"P

  5. Try not having internet connection for 1 week! How come not 1 lady 1 man? :)

  6. Ohhh Gis... I remember your nasty incident (of tree chopping d). At least you still got 2A right?(Astro and Alex) :"P

    Oh... I think they are sisters...that's why is a pair of lady in stead. :"P

  7. 如果是一男一女的话,可能会更好~

  8. 是啊。。。我也不是很清楚背后的故事。。。:“P有谁知道吗?:)





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