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Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Fly)And yes, I am hanging around somewhere

Is Friday (Again...) Yeah, time seems to be passed pretty fast and it is almost an end to another Quarter. And it will be Malaysia 52th Independence celebration on Monday. So we will have another additional holiday on Monday. Previously LB's parent plan to pay us a visit during this weekend but the plan has changed since he got some additional works on hand that he need to finish. So we decided to go back to AS and rest our self there during this long holiday. (Too bad, looks like they are going to miss some good (and high cholesterol) foods in Penang here then.) :"P

Anyway, I am writing this blog @ one of the small restaurent in AS. It is Uncle John. (it is pretty much something like Old Town in Malaysia). and the photo posted is not the photo I took today. It just pretty much matched with what I am doing now, hanging around at a place that I so used to be... :) (But of course, I am not a fly...:"P Hehe...). But one thing that Pops into my mind when I took this shot is that, I really hope that the 105mm F2.8 is with me that time. :"P (Too bad, it is not...)

Anyway, a short post... (While I still have an internet connection), I hope everyone have a great Friday. (May be can spare sometimes with the family/friends) and have a great weekend (and long holiday) ahead. :)


  1. Bokeh is crazy man...nice way to clarify that you're not the fly...haha...

  2. Hey Beh..., thanks, I love the bokeh as well. :) Yeah... I am not the fly... (Luckily I clarify that) :"P

  3. 哇~~那 bokeh 很美哦!那么一丁点的小苍蝇都给你摆上台了 :P 我的整个周末也是很忙~哈哈

  4. 没什么,它只是刚好停在了那里。。。就随手拍一拍了。如果有Macro Lens,效果应该会更好,而且苍蝇也会看的更大。:)

  5. nice nice! :) Have u tried 125mm before?

  6. Thanks... Actually Nope. I don't think Nikkor have a 125mm... the longest Macro that they have is 105mm. :") (That's the only one I've tested so far - Great lens, sharp and superb in capturing all the details). :")

  7. Hey Brian, Thanks for dropping by. :) Hope that things went well for you in Auzzy. ;)





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