Ipoh Trip - Part 2 - Life of a Taxi Driver

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yes he is not the main character of the day.

While we are in Ipoh... waiting to drink the soya milk. We have stuck there since the stall will only be opened on 10:30am. And yes, we just finished our delicious dim sum in the previous post. :"P

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)But for sure his blue brother style black spec did grab my attention. :)

Me and Hong Wei has decided to go for a walk around that area (for digestion) near the Dim Sum restaurant. From the stall to the "Lou Wong" chicken rice shop. Nothing special on that day, since most of the shop is still getting ready for their day.

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yes this is the one

One thing that caught my attention is a shaded taxi stand in a building where I noticed there are a few uncles sitting there chit chatting. So I decided to go for some photo shot there.

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yes, uncle name is Lim Mooi Koi

Surprisingly, the taxi uncle started to talk to me and I have requested to get a few shots for them. :) And of course they have posed and I have managed to grab a few shots.

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Cheers~! :)

While waiting, I have asked Hong Wei to stay for a little while longer, so that I could grab a few more shop there.

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Waiting for the next business

Uncle is waiting for this next customer I guess where his friend has left with another customer. During the waiting he sit on the chair @ the stand. wondering, thinking, waiting and smoking. Looks like life is pretty tough for a taxi driver as well. (I guess everyone do have their work pressure ... even gardener will have one... may be the flower that he took care of cannot grow properly and didn't meet the expectation of the house owner? May be...)

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Thanks uncle for all the posing. :")

Anyway, I guess I will end the post with a final snap that I got from the uncle before I left the taxi stand. Hope that the uncle will have a good taxi business and to all of you have a great evening. I will continue with other tasks of mine now.

Thanks for dropping by. :)


  1. wow man
    you managed to get them to pose
    I like that shot where the two of them together
    gotta learn from you hehe

  2. CH, you're always very good in taking street portraits...however you're able to get the folks NOT to be camera shy and have them pose for your portrait shoot...need to learn from the sifu d...:)

  3. B&G: Thanks, hope that you will enjoy it. :)

    Joel: Hehe yeah, they are pretty kind enough to do that for me as well. Should really thanks them on that. :)

    Lilian: Life is not easy sometimes, specially in the situation like this.

    Beh: Thanks... I bet that's the most natural them in their life and in their work. (even though some of them is shy sometimes... :") But, that's still them) See the moment and go for it! >:) JDI methology.

    Anyway Thanks to everyone for all the comments. Really appreciate it.

  4. CH:感觉你有点像街坊记者一样……哈哈

  5. 哈哈。。。 真糟糕。。。被您看穿了。:“P





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