Ipoh Trip - Part 3 - The People

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Wanna go for a ride?

During this trip, I meet with a lot of people. Talked, sit and snapped photos for them. (Yes, although we have consume a lot of food as well. :"P) - I know sometimes... I will gone missing for a while during the trip and LB, Hong Wei and Hui Chien will wonder where I have been and eventually I have stuck in some of the shop, chatting and photo snapping there. :"P (Sorry gang, if I keep you all waiting)

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)The uncle that sell the satay, seriously his satay is NICE! :)

Finally I am glad that I am back on the street, get close to people... talk, listen and understand their life and stories again. (This is just like how I started by street photography journalism with just a 35mm F2 on the D70).

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Uncle selling the weighing scales

Sometimes I miss those times with prime. (Hopefully I could get another prime soon (a 50mm or 85mm), and restricted myself on those focal length on the street again, trust me it is going to be fun). :)

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)One of my Favorite shot

The uncle above is kind enough for me to snap a few photos of him @ work. (Thanks uncle for your kindness, I love the feel of your shop and the way when you are at work - It is just you).

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yummy tea time

I think I will do less writing and let the photos do the talking tonight. Good night everyone and have a great Friday tomorrow. :)


  1. Another nice shots!
    Although I have never been thr Ipoh Town. Seeing your pictures is like having a trip thr.
    As for 'uncle is selling the weight'. I think it should be weighing scales.

  2. Do you guys feel Ipoh road condition is much better compare to PG. That's what someone SG leader commented PG that 10 years no change is right:(

  3. B&G: Yeah Ipoh is a nice place to go. I mean just go for a walk, some food as well as some rest. And thanks for the wording suggestion. (Can't think properly last night) :"P Wording update has been made. ;)

    Lilian: Yeah... I am not too sure about the road condition though (Although I am the driver), but at least... not so many pit holes there.

  4. CH: Nice Ipoh series you've got!

    Lilian: At least I know that Ipoh drivers are more 'polite' then PG ones! Haha

  5. CH:我喜欢那一张做藤椅的,可能因为我喜欢手工东东的关系吧……呵呵

  6. 小慧: Thanks thanks... and you are right... Ipoh driver is more polite and in a pretty slow pace as well. :)

    家梅: 是啊。。。我也特别喜欢那一张。很有感觉。:”D

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