Ipoh Trip - Part 5 - Wrap Up

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Uncle preparing the dishes

Not sure if everyone has been tired with the Ipoh trip blog post. (No worry this is going to be the wrap up post of the whole trip) :)

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Fast pace action is required here. Too many customer in the shop

Started the day before we go back with Curry Mee. :"P Again the shop is packed with people and we need to wait for quite a while to be seated. (Actually there are a lot of people is waiting there as well :"))

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yes a lot of people and the turnover is pretty fast as well

What we heard and read about is that the shop is famous for their curry mee side dishes. So we have ordered and give it a try and seriously it is awesome. It just taste so nice. (The roasted eat are very Yummy~!) :D

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Trust me the roasted meat is very NICE

After that, we decided to go and get some biscuit from a shop. One biscuit I like from the shop is call the "Ham Tam Sou". Yeah... there are like 10 pieces in a box and both of us (me and LB finish all of that in 2 days). :"P

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Uncle from the "Hak Kak Mee" stall

Before we went back, we went to another curry mee stall as a closure for our "makan makan" trip in Ipoh. (Just in case you all are curious how we consume so SO...SOooo many food in the trip, actually we didn't have the dishes individually, we share it among four of us. :"))

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)I love the "Ham Tan Sou"

Anyway, I will end my post with a shot that i took for the uncle in the last curry mee stall. Hope that everyone will enjoy the photos from these Ipoh Trip series. :)

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Ipoh Trip)Yes I want one!

Have a great Saturday evening. Good night.


  1. Nice coverage on Ipoh trip. Good job CH:)

  2. Thanks a lot Lilian. Hope that you all will enjoy the photos. :)

  3. Wow.. the Roast Pork... Look Yummy.

  4. ya roast pork looks yummy. is it "ham tan sou" or i thought it's "hap tou sou"?

  5. Kancil: Yup.... Roasted Pork looks YUMMY, taste YUMMY also... :"D

    小慧: Is "Ham Tan Sou"... next time if anyone coming back from there. Let me know ya. I wanna beli "Ham Tan Sou"! >:D (Hehehe... evil smile)

  6. Hey CH, this series is nice. U curi take them ar... Did anyone stop u to do that? haha... the aunty specially give you a smile. The color is suit for this series too. Great job !

  7. 哇……我刚刚吃饱,肚子又饿了……
    最后一张,你拍到人家老伯伯都不好意思了 :P

  8. Want to ask you the name of those places ... I know only the curry mee is near the "dou mu gong" temple ...

  9. 家梅 : 真强!我做了整天的工。。。都快垮了。:“P就只是吃和做工,做工和吃。。。真要命。:”P哈哈

    Wing Seng : The one opposite the "Dou Mu Gong" is call 怡发。:) Thanks for dropping by, hope that you will enjoy the site. ;)





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