Jabra C820S Stereo Headphone

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Jabra C820S Stereo Headphone)#1

I still remember that I bought the Jabra C820S Stereo Headphone at San Frans (during a business trip few years back). It is actually a noise cancellation headphone which is pretty useful specially when you are flying. It cancel pretty much 85%+ of the noise from the plane engine. (Which is pretty awesome for me) and seriously you won't even hear anything from the outside even someone is shouting from somewhere. (I believe it cut down certain Db from the noise that is coming in). Previously I plan to get a Panasonic version, but in the end, the sales girl at the shop told me that I wont be regret if I am buying this one. (Pretty much I am convince and I pay for it). Anyway I still think that it is a pretty nice headphone for me. :)

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Jabra C820S Stereo Headphone)#2

And today, I am getting it out for some photo shoot. :") Today with a mindset to get a feel of commercial page in some magazine. I try a few setup and different composition and pretty much here are the 3 photos that I produced. :")

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Jabra C820S Stereo Headphone)#3

So for the viewers, if you are an editor for a magazine, which one will you choose as a commercial page in your magazine? (#1, #2 or #3) Thanks for voting. :) Anyway, I will be back to AS again this weekend. (Due to a long weekend holiday because of Malaysia Merdeka Day). I will try to get some shoot again in AS and will share it out when I am back.

I hope that everyone will enjoy their long holiday as well. Have a great weekend ahead and CHEERS. :)


  1. I go for picture no. 3. But the company may disagree with me as photo no. 3 can't see the lable clearly.

  2. Kancil, You are right... I have been trying to get that logo out (at least can see clearly) on that angle... (But looks like I fail.. :( (Have been changing here and there to make it much better but my lighting control still cannot meet my expectation yet... sob) Anyway will continue to improve so that I could do what I want... >:D YEAH~!

  3. you should just PP white color the JAB letter...:)

  4. Hehe... I never think about that... (Darn me):"P (May be I should do that next time) still stuck with the what you snapped is what you get concept. Thanks for the reminder Beh. ;)

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