More Speed and Storage Required

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (SanDisk 8GB Extreme III)Here we go. The Sandisk 8GB Extreme III CF Card. :)

Yes, I need more speed and storage on a bigger file size body. Eventually I have 2 cards before, one is the 512MB and another is the Sandisk 4GB Ultra II card. Both of them are pretty sufficient on the D70. But both of the card could not really cope with the transfer speed required on the D700. (Ultra II is still not that bad... but it is a NO NO for the 512MB CF card.)

It has been a plan for me to get at least 1 or 2 Extreme III CF card and looks like the 8GB is within my budget. (Need at least 1 or 2 for the event on September as well as the year end trip) So I decided to go for this one (Finally after a period of waiting...:"P). The speed of extreme III is just nice on the body. no lag or whatever during the shooting as well as reviewing of photos. (Love the speed and the storage it provided). At least it is doubled up whatever I have now.

So photos for today is the new storage card... Sandisk Extreme III CF card. :) Have a great week everyone. :)

* apologize for the 2 lines scratch on the upper right. The black surface just got some slight scratches... :"P


  1. congrats on the much you got it for? i was planning to get one myself but later first...:)

  2. Thanks Beh... yeah... finally I bought it. About the price, will tell you in the office, OK? ;)

  3. May be not now Georgie, at least 2 pieces of 8GB can sustain for a while then. ~;) (While gathering for my budget, wanna sponsor me? :"P) Hehe...

  4. haha i dun think i m getting any more CF. i scare the new system all is using SD dee.





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