Service Transformer?

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Optimus Prime)Yes is Optimus Prime

Yes, I have been in the training class for the whole darn day. (Pretty much the class is about Career Development). In the beginning of the class, we are ask to partner with another person on the same table so that we could know and introduce the other person. So, I have partner with Phish on this session. After some brief discussion on what to intro later we are set and ready. When Phish is called for my intro she just pop up "This is Chiat Hau from Service Transformer..." and I am like -_-" (I am actually from Service Transformation). I guess she is just too into transformer until she slipped her mouth on that. :"P (Pretty much the whole class burst into laugh as well). :")

Anyway, due to that, it remind me of the Optimus Prime which has been stuck in the wardrobe after his 1st shot. (Another reason is that, I have already running out of figure... anybody wanna loan me any of theirs? or volunteer to be my model?) :"P So again, I took him out for another strobbing shot today... this round with an additional light to it and see if I could use an this action figure to produce another "mechanic" feel of poster or not. :"P

Anyway posted above is the end result. I hope that everybody like it. I guess I will stop here, and to all of you... have a great night and good rest. :)


  1. 哈哈哈~~~service transformer team!!为 transformer 服务的一个 team 哈~

    这张有点神秘感,前面有红灯闪亮着,好像有什么机关埋伏着一样 :D 这是我看照片的第一个感觉咯

  2. Hahaha.... which transformer you serviced before? didn't know you re into this biz as well...hahahahahaa
    well, about the photo, i guess Optimus Prime is rushing to the incident place where it was just bombed/destroyed with fire all around..

  3. 家梅: 哈哈,是啊。:“P 不过,您的感觉很对。。。因为,红色代表着危机。。。而且,Prime也准备着往战场上迈进。。。:”)(至少,您的感觉是对了:))

    B&G: Haha... I serviced prime, bumblebee and the deceased Jazz before..:"P (I am just kidding). Yeah... actually using a red gel for the front lower light to give the feel of a battlefield and some back feathered rim light from the back for some highlight(While Prime is getting ready to go into there to rumble).

    Anyway I guess both of you noticed the red light. (Which is kinda cool) and thanks for dropping by as well. (Really appreciate it):")

  4. what is red gel?

  5. It is a small transparent colored card to change the color or to adjust your speed lite color temperature when it is fired.

    There are a few types that are common which are CTO (Color Temperature Orange, converts Daylight to Tungsten) and CTG (Provides a green cast when used on Daylight and Tungsten for balancing Fluorescent). and of course they are other color as well to provide different feel and mood.

    * Anyway, you could DIY some of the GEL yourself. (as long as it is used to provide mood and not so much into color temperature adjustment - for color temperature adjustment I believe they do have like 1/2, 1/4 in measurement and it might come (2 pieces in SB800) with some speed lite when you bought it).

    Hope this info help. :)

  6. Service Transformer...good one...haha...

  7. Haha... yeah... I hope Phish won't kill me when she read this post. :"P (namo namo...) :")

  8. I guess the trainer is also the fans of Transformer as she manage to speak out Optimus Prime.

  9. Ohh yes... I think she is (or her son) she also can say... BumbbleBee as well... (Mang Siao Siao) :"P





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