Spawn - Revisit

Today is Sunday and it has been rained almost 3/4 days here. (Luckily is not flooded :"P) and for me, I have been slept revengefully until 1pm... ~:"P (And yes I did...).

Anyway, some might have been seen this action figure before. It is the 1st action figure that I use for strobbing. (The post is written in Chinese. Yes, most of my previous post are written in Chinese) :) Today, I decided to get him out again and do an out door shot, but this round with a slightly different theme. Trying to get some feel and mood of a movie poster/ comic cover. :")

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Spawn)#1 - Yes, Spawn is resurrected this round. ;)

I am a comic fan, I read all sort of comics (From Japan, HK to US comics). You will discover the way they convey their mood in each of the comic. (Each country have their own style). This round, I am going to use what is frequently been use in the US comic style. (The dark shadow, moody feel). So, pretty much trying to see if I could produce something like what they have in their comic cover today. :"P

Toy Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Spawn)#2 - SPAWN Comic Cover may be? - and he is watching...

This round, Spawn is going to stand on a building (Imaging again...) staring down the city, awaiting... (I really hope that my spawn action figure could be used for posing, but too bad, it is ... it is a fixed version - I get it at only USD8. Yes, it is during the Christmas sales.), if not I believe the drama feel will be much bigger. This round again, is a one light shooting with CTO on the flash. :) For those who are interested to view the photos in larger size (Personally, I think it look way much better in larger size), you could check it out here #1 and #2. (SPAWN fans, these 2 photos are for all of you ;))

Anyway, that's the photos for today. Hope that everyone is enjoying the photo and do have a GREAT week ahead!! :)


  1. Love it!! Especially the 2nd shot!!

  2. Hey Joel, Hope that you are enjoying your trip in NZ now. :") Thanks for dropping by even though you are traveling now. ;) (Really appreciate that)

  3. 第二张真的很不错~哈哈
    感觉他正在瞪着目标,准备袭击了 :P

  4. I personally think the first one is better. :P It bring out the mood of anger of the Spawn. As for the second one, maybe I am distracted by the bokeh. :P esp the yellow/orange one.

  5. 家梅:是啊。。。也有同感。:“P站在高楼上,准备出击. :"P

    B&G: I guess you opt for the simplicity one. :) The 2nd one is more to give a movie feel here. :"P (I used the street lamp to represent the moon there, haha) :"P Anyway thanks for your comments. ;)

  6. To me, the first one looks fiercer than the second one. :P Got the feeling.





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