While Mum is Watching Show

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Mum)Just some gear...you know..

Yes, it has been a long weekend. I have not been able to blog for the last few days since I am in Alor Setar (AS) and I have limited access to internet. :") So I decided to set myself another project during my free time (Which is to get some of the family members portraits - included in-law side using off camera flash way aka strobbing. And of course to see how much I could push myself by just using 1 light here).

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Mum)A side by side shot - A moody Shot

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Mum)And a more brighter shot :)

Anyway 1st up is Mum. While I am taking all these shots, she just came back from her tuition class. Resting and watching TV shows from Astro. While mum is watching TV, I started to setup all the lighting and Mum was like... (WTH are you doing there?), I just told her that I am going to test some lighting and see how the effects will come out. (And of course, she asked me about the price of the gear and so on...etc - This is a very normal and common practice for Mum :"P).

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Mum)Mom is slowly going into the show

So, Mum is pretty much willingly to become my 1st model of my weekend project, (since she got nothing to do but watching the TV show, while I just composed and make my shoot). :"P So here is the series for "While Mum is Watching Show", and his son is snapping like there is no tomorrow. :"P (Anyway I am glad that I got a model to shoot here. Thanks Mum) :")

Family Portraiture Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Mum)Yeah she is, from her facial expression ~: |

Hope that you all will like this series. (There will be more coming up on the next few days so stay tune. :)). Anyway, tomorrow will be another new week... (After a long holiday for all of us). My best wishes to all of you on a new week (May be a not so Tuesday blue day) and have a great night! :)


  1. nice dude...wish my mom could be so sporting sitting there her doing her things (watching astro) and me shooting like no tomorrow. I think with me flashing the first one she'll be like "wey, don't kacau me watching tv...go play far far..." hahaha...

  2. 你家妈妈去什么 tuition class?她帮别人补习么?
    哈哈,我家妈妈不喜欢她的女儿帮她拍照的,除非她的女儿跟她一起拍 :P

  3. Beh: Thanks. :)Hehe, She is pretty fine after I told her what I am going to do. (So pretty much, I talked to her while makeing the shoot and she is watching TV). Luckily she didn't ask me to "go play far far...:"P hehe"

    家梅: 她去教补习了。(不是她去上课)她嘛。。。还好吧。。。暂时还没有什么抗拒。:“P所以赶快拍多多。:”P (正所谓,先下手为强):“P

  4. The 2nd last pic shows how much your mom loves your dad. :)

  5. B&G, I think you mean her facial expression. :)

  6. 如果伯母发现到她的玉照被摆上网站,肯定会大跳!哈哈!

  7. 应该不会吧。。。~:|如果真的发现了。。。:“P 再来打算。:”P哈哈。





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