The World of Zen

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Bali Display)Calm, quite and peaceful world

Yup, continue with some experiment again today. But of course, I am not going to use myself as the shooting subject anymore. (After the post yesterday and base on the feedback I got, I believe it will not bring a good impact to everyone who view the blog. :"P - I don't want anyone to vomit or laugh until they fall off their chair in the office/home. :"P Hehe...)

Today theme is the world of Zen... a peaceful, calm and quite world. I believe those who meditate will know about this where you pretty much isolated yourself from the outside world and into a silent world of yours.

Anyway, I will try something slightly different today. A low key/ moody feel in stead of those pretty high key shoot I normally do. Although it is still a one light setup, but today setup is totally different (with some additional DIY gears added to ensure the effect will go the way I wanted) :"P I pretty much use a white balance around 2.8k directly from the body to bring out the cooling feel of the overall photo.

Anyway, that's the photo for today. Hope that everyone enjoy it. :) Have a great evening ahead and a great day tomorrow. :) Night.


  1. 不要气馁,我们只是开玩笑。我们还是会继续的支持你的写真。


  2. 哈哈。。。Kancil不要了。。。似乎真的不是很PhotoGenic。还是做摄影师好了:“P (而且大家只要支持和喜欢我拍的照片就够了):”)

    收藏品真的快要用完了。。。~:| 怎么办呢。。。~: | (哈哈,到时候再来打算好了)

  3. 好像很少见到你拍风景。

  4. Yup, agree w/ CL, it's time to show your potential in landscape shooting. BTW, I like this photo posted here, very peaceful when look at it...

  5. How come I cannot see the picture one?

  6. kaka...
    really so many feedbacks ar.
    If you were to look from the other perspective, that means you have a lot of supporters lor.
    Where is this anak patung locate? yeah, i also want to take my anak patung liao.

  7. Kancil & Lilian: Yeah, seldom took landscape photos. :"P I will try to do more of that next time. ;)

    B&G:Ohh is it... I wonder if other could view it. ~: | (Could you try again and let me know how it goes?)

    Meg: Yeah you are right. At least somebody is feedback to the post. Something is better than nothing. :) This one? is from Bali as well. Yeah go ahead and take some... it will be fun. Enjoy.

  8. nice one...thought you got gels for your flashie already...another great way to safe the money and use the white balance to get the cool effect...:)

  9. Hey CH,

    First time, dont mind me commenting i hope...

    To me a photo is just a photo,no big deal but if a photo of even a stone can bring out the LIFE from it,i think that's just another photo, that's why i call a photo wife life. and for me i think you really got that touch in bringing out the LIFE in those pictures,,,kudos.

    i am no good in photography,but i just like to look at beautiful things like your photos,,appreciate it

    you take care now, ya

  10. Hey CH,

    do me another favor, please alert me if you do have update,i will sure come by and enjoy the LIFE out of your pictures, ok?

    thanks again,,,,,

  11. Beh: Thanks... I have a few "home made" gel that I will used sometimes. But a quick and dirty way that I used yesterday is from just the body itself. :"P (As you said something cheap...:"))

    Eugene: Hey welcome to my blog! I don't mind at all if someone leave some comments on my blog. (Good or Bad... is fine).

    But really appreciate your comments/encouragements here and I really hope that you'll enjoy the photos posted. :")

    And sure, I could keep you update on my posting. :) (I'm flattered that I just have one additional viewer who will follow my works here). THANKS! :)

    * Do you have any Facebook(FB) account? I usually will posted update in FB/Twitter when I got any new posting.

    Thanks again to both of you. :")

  12. 我喜欢这一张!蓝蓝的灯光,给人一种神秘感 :D





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