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Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Sign)
I think is kinda hard

The 35mm has been staying in the black cubie for some times... Looking at it, I decided to put it on the body and feel back the weightless feeling (compare to the 24-70mm) and continue snapping here and there in the room. Suddenly, there is a feeling (or should I say inspiration) in my body asking me to go out to shoot again. (and yes I did).

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Motorist)
The speed demon

And here we go. Pretty much it is some of the random shoots I took today. no specific theme. I just wanna feel back the old time when I'm using prime lens. :) (and YES, it is like back to the old time again) :) Nice, light and lovely.

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Tanggled)
Yes, please keep yourself out of it.

Sometimes I kinda hope that I could work with a few of the local people here to get some portraiture shoot. But too bad, some of the kids are just too naughty (and seriously I feel kinda insecure and not sure if they will come and grab my gears while I am setting up and etc). Anyway, I will find one day to do so... when I am more ready for all these. (I think I have no problem to do that in PG town, but here... may be not... YET).

Anyway, hope that you all will enjoy the photos tonight. Have a great night ahead. :)


  1. 我喜欢最后那一张,很“图案”的感觉 :D

  2. 今天沙发是您的。:)应该是吧。。。最后一张,比较图案一些。:)

  3. CH, do send the last one for Patterns in ST photograhpy competition...hehe...if you win, treat me an ice cream:p

  4. my vote for the last pic.. again with the same preferences.. colors and bokeh..just simply nice for my eyes.. :)

  5. Lilian: Now you remind me, I haven't send the photos out yet. :"P Okie okie, if I win, I treat you ice cream ya. :"P

    B&G: Cool. Looks like everyone like the last photo. (I am as well) :")

    Thanks for all the voting~! :D





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