Cherish Your Love Ones

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Teddy Bear with Flower)

A brand new week (although a lot of company is having their public holiday resting, but we are still working today). So pretty much..., there are not a lot of traffic on the road (and it makes you feel like it seems to be like school holiday today). ~: |

Everything has been pretty slow (very slow pace) in the office (Even for myself) and I got another sad news from LB that one of our friend just lost his father today. \:-| It has been another shock news for us. I informed Kancil on this and requested 小慧's help to pass my condolence over to her. I always think that life is short..., and pretty much we won't know what will happen to us and our love one in the next second. Do cherish every moment  you have with them so that you won't regret it in the later stage. Always remember to show your love to them... as well as how much you care for them...

Photos for today is related to this, where a bear is holding a vase with a heart shaped flower. Hope that everyone will always remember to share some love with their family, friends and whoever cross path with us everyday). PEACE... and have a great evening everyone.


  1. 一直珍惜自己所拥有的,就不会有遗憾、后悔了
    这是我给自己的信念 :)

  2. 没错,我也是这样觉得。也觉得人,要有信念和目标,生活才不会白过。。。

  3. Very agree w/ what you said do cherish every moment we have with our love one...

  4. self-made bear2? If the head is bigger then it will be cuter! :) Hmm.. agree wt all be appreciative and live life at the present.

  5. Lilian: Thanks, I really believe in that as well. :)

    B&G: Nope... is a gift from a friend. is not hand made one... :"P (Still not talented on hand craft thingy yet). the bear is pretty heavy headed d... it take me sometimes to pose him on that position. but I believe and think that the BIG headed Q version will be much nicer... :) If there is any... like the bubble headed spidey. :"P hehe

  6. 喜乐and感恩...就是在任何环境中都能发现美事...

    between...i really like the bear u shoot...n the bear itself...
    where to buy?

  7. Kancil: Thanks. :)

    Shuang: 对。。。感恩和喜乐就能在任何(好的和坏的环境下找到美好的事情)。
    It is a gift from friend. I am not sure where she get it also. ~:"| (Anyway, thanks for dropping by) :)





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