Congratulation Wei~!

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Wei + Fang)
Yeah, I could feel his happiness as well. :)

Yes, I has not been around for the last weekend to attend Wei's (He is my brother in law) wedding. So, I have went back to AS to attend his 3 days wedding. :) I'm glad that I am his wedding photographer for his BIG day as well. :) So I am just going to use this post to congratz him for his marriage. (This is not a teaser post or anything, just a simple congtraz notes to him).

So stay tune, there will more of his wedding photos posting soon. :) Good night everyone.

* And to my viewers who have been following my blog. I apologize that I have not been posting for the last 3 days. (I have been pretty much sleep like a (you know what...) after I reached here back in PG yesterday) :"P Yes it is tiring but seriously fun 3 days... ;)


  1. Congrats to your BIL:) He looks so "sin fu"...

  2. Yeah he is... :) He just look very happy that day. :D hehe.





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