Discover the True Nature

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Anglia Shandy)
Yes, discover the true nature of Shady. :"P

It has been another hectic yet productive day. (I love the productive feeling). Completed a few meetings for the new project that I am going to handled. manage to resolved some of incident escalated by the customer. (Pretty much it is some minor bug discovered by the 2nd level while I will need to provided sabbatical coverage to one of my state peer who is having vacation at Hawaii now... lucky him :))

Today theme is "Discover the True Nature" which has been another self home work that I completed pretty earlier compare to others, Opppss... :"P This round I try to isolate the Shandy using the other Coke cans. (I prefer both drinks, but I have been really cutting down my consumption of them, specially on Coke) Using only one light this round and control the light to only lighted up the Shandy can. :) (Just to focus and show the chill feel of the Shandy). I am a one light lover (at least for now), trying to use the minimum lighting to create the impact needed :"), and hopefully with the limitation that I set to myself I could create the impact needed. (Of course 1 speed light is all I have :"P).

So, that's all for tonight. :) I hope that all of you will have a GREAT Friday tomorrow. :) (yes is Friday again) :) and enjoy your evening now. Have fun. :)

* And to kiddo under 18. Shandy or beer is not good for your health. Do listen to Uncle CH ya. :")


  1. you've got so many coke cans! are they filled or empty? ah, doesn't matter, it's still quite a lot :p like the lighting.

  2. Haha... those are the empty one. (Still waiting to be pass to you. Luckily before that, I made the shooting 1st. :"P) If not no subject to shoot already. :"P Neh I have reduced a lot. As you know, I already didn't drink that in the office. :) Anyway, thanks. :)

  3. Huh? This is so called cutting down ar? Still so many can left. >:S

  4. No larr... cut down d... all these are empty cans last last ... last (a lot of last) time... :"P. Seldom drink d :"P hehe.

  5. really love Coke-leh...consume too much not good for the health-leh:p

    Ya...the Sandy is stands out in the crowd (Coke):)

  6. Again... Those are the one that I have finish (:"P) hehe... those cans are going to pass to MW for recycle soon. :) So..., plan to use it for some shoot before I pass it in. :) Thanks Lilian.

  7. Nice.. :) see, so many people are concern abt you. ;) Have a nice Friday

  8. woooo nice pic...looks like an advertisement shot from shandy =P kekeke happy long weekend woohoo

  9. B&G: Thanks. Yeah... feel touch also. So really need to cut down more d. :"P

    FY: Ohhh TQ TQ very much.

    Happy Friday and long weekend to everyone as well. :")

  10. uncle CH……知道自己老了,就要多注意自己的健康咯……哈哈~~
    对,不要喝太多汽水,多喝白开水。白开水是最好的饮品! ^^ (为白开水打广告)

  11. 是啊。。。身体也没比以前精灵了。:“P有啊。。。每一天都喝2LITER的水。。。算很多了吧。COKE呢。。。,就没有喝了。其实说实在的白开水最好。能帮助身体排毒。(看来,我也为白开水打广告了):”P 假期快乐。:)

  12. CH, how you make the background dark ? close all the light?

  13. Peow, Welcome again. Actually I use a black board as my background and in addition of that, do use the shutter & ISO to control your background lighting. (It depends on how much light you want for your background as well). :) So control it nicely.... :)


  14. black board? mean the card board with black color? so are you used the tripod ?

  15. Yes Peow, you are right. Tripod... it depends, sometimes I did, if I know that the shutter speed that is going to used is more the maximum stability that my hand could handled. :"P





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