A Flower in the Living Hall

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Flower)
Yes, a simple and small flower

It's another late evening today. Found some data quality issue before returning home (Yes, 20 minutes before I get home). So no choice, I need to work extra hours when I got home. and right now, I finally I manage to resolve it. (Phew... ~:)). While working on all these, I noticed the displayed flower on the table accompanying me while I am working on the incident I discovered.

To recognize the flower, I decided to give her a shoot. :) Simple and quick one since I am pretty tired and getting ready to get some rest (or sleep now...). :"D I guess that's all for today. A short, simple and early post. I hope you all have a great evening ahead. Good night. :)


  1. 哇~~我很喜欢这张照片!!
    颜色很协调呢!太美了!! :D

  2. great way of capturing the plastic chair shadow...:D

  3. 家梅: 是啊。。。虽然有些简单。不过,也挺喜欢的。稍微的调了闪光灯的颜色。让整体看起来稍微的”小热“。感觉挺好的吧。:)

    Beh: Thanks. :)

  4. Nice shot just w/ the chair shadow:)

  5. Why a chair's shadow there? Any purpose?

  6. I tried a few shoots. the whole scenery looks kind of plain. With the additional light and shadow there, everything looks more lively. ~:")





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