A Greenish Weekend

Nature Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Flower)
Alone in the field - Lone Ranger

It is Friday again (Times flies ya). I went back to home after I finish my lunch today and continue to WFH on wards. (Decided to go home early for a work from home (WFH) session since I have been in the office since 630am this morning). So pretty much I stop work around 5pm+. Clearing up my table, rest myself for a while and then on 7pm+ I  headed out behind my house for some photo shoot. (This round I am back to the convention natural lighting photography). It has been a while that I didn't shoot photos with natural lighting. Luckily I am still pretty used to it. :"P (Anyway just wanna ensure that I am used to all type of lighting and my body is always ready with whatever situation that I am in).

Nature Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Flower)
And some with companion

Photos for today is title... "The Greenish Weekend". When I reach the backward, I saw a lot of grass and wild flowers. :"P So I decided to use the 'greenish' theme and get myself to shoot some of those using  a evening lighting. :) Anyway, I guess I will stop for now. I plan to get myself back for my book reading session again. I hope that everyone will have a great weekend ahead and have a great Friday night. ;)


  1. nice bokeh. nice wild flower too.

  2. TQ very da much. :) Hope that you as the flower lover will find it lovely as well. :)

  3. yes lovely. with 105 will be lovelier. :D

  4. Yeah right... :"P Pandai-nya trying to get me use the 105mm again `x"|

  5. 很喜欢这种花~~~原因是:它是紫色的
    我很喜欢紫色 ^^

  6. 也是发现到了他的特别,所以就拍下来了。:)我家后面,长满了这一种花。:)

  7. WAH!!!! J'adore the 1st photo!! Really nice! Lovely! Whatsoever! Just love it! :)

    Note: J'adore means I love.. hehe.. so nice till French language also come out. U can imagine how nice it's laa.. :P

  8. Lilian: TQ TQ. :)

    B&G: Phulamak... even French also come out d. :") Then you really really like it then. :D (Anyway really thanks for all the kind comments).

    I am glad that all of you enjoy it. :)





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