Happy Holiday

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Vietnam Dolls)
Yes those are the book collection at the back. :)

It will be another long holiday coming up for me. (Yes it has been a long awaited one... at least another short interim rest for me) :) Next week it will be a busy week (included weekend). :) So I better get myself ready for it. There are a few plans for me during this long holiday, and hopefully I could complete them one by one. :) (But 1st thing 1st, I need to ensure that my car is properly detail during this festive holiday - It will be another darn tiring routine :"P). FIL and FIB will be here as well. So I guess it will be another eating trip for them. (Yeah, they should enjoy the food since they have missed it after they skip the last trip to PG).

Anyway, I hope that everyone will have a great holiday. (and to those who are celebrating the festive. "Selamat Hari Raya" to all of you). I guess I will go and rest for now, It is an early post but I plan to continue my night  with my book reading (and in the mean time watching TV with LB). Signing off... :) Happy Holiday everyone. :)


  1. Happy holiday to you too... Nice shot...hehe...the toy from Vietnam...

    Last night the worst flood recently:( How abt your house area?

  2. Hey Lilian, Happy holiday for you. Yes those are from Vietnam. :)

    How is your home right now, I saw the comments you leave @ FB. Is it getting better now? (I hope it is)

    Do take care ya... ~:-)

  3. 哇哇~~~娃娃~~
    不过……请问主角是男的还是女的? :P

  4. 是啊。。。越南特产。性别嘛。。。应该都是女的吧。。。:“D





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