Hyperjump Yourself

Yes, it is spinning (Phew...)

Just another ordinary day for me today, working and stuck in a few meetings, clear up some emails, and get myself familiarize with the new project database so that I could get myself up to speed with all the required development works for the up coming MMR release.

The photo for today is inspired by the movie "The Land of Lost". Pretty much the movie is about the time wrap and talking about the parallel dimension that co-exist with our real world where the past, present and future collides. :"P (So, I decided to come out with a photo of time wrap hyper jump - some sort like what we see in those star track and star war). And here we go... :) (This photo is shoot in motion with the combination of  the flash TTL auto FP high speed flash sync)

Anyway, I guess I should sign off for tonight. Better get myself ready, pack up my cloth and gears for the event on this weekend @ Alor Setar. :) You all have a great night. ;)


  1. Seemed you shoot from where you flush the water...

  2. Hahaha... neh is in the front of the house. (Although it looks like where I flushed the water :"P). It is a tree actually. :) Wrap until like the water is flushing d. :"P

  3. wow wow wow.. spinning and spinning.. :D

  4. Hehe... don't until blur blur go to Jupiter ya. :D (Spin too much see stars d) :"P

  5. 看了有点昏眩哦……哈哈,又有点像电影里的片断,高人往上跳的时候,镜头都会往下拍的感觉,这就是你要表达的吧? :P





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