I am Off the Shoe Today

Abstract Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Nikon AS-19)
Yes, Just for a moment to get a feel of "On Camera" again before I get rusty. :"P

And yes, I am on camera flash today.I have been doing a lot of off camera flash photography lately. and suddenly, I have realized that it has been a while that I didn't done any on camera flash photography. (Funny right, although off camera flash is much tedious and need more calculation and setup than the on camera flash. :"P) Haha... anyway just used it back today to get a feel of it again. Just to ensure that I still know the feel (as well as the weight on hand) for on camera flash :"P (As well as get myself ready again for an assignment by end of this month)

Photos for today is "I am off the (hot) shoe". What you all see is that it is the speedlight base/stand (The Nikon AS-19) which comes together with my SB-800 (Which has been EOL-ed by Nikon :( ). Nothing special today, the photo was shoot on a chair (where my head is pretty close to my ceiling fan - yes my ceiling is not that high). zoom it down and shoot. (As well as some after treatment of my usual texture feel into the photo)

So..., before I called it a post. I would like to wish Hong Wei... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You have turn one year older and do remember to be a good boy ya. kekeke... (And do let me know if you need my help at any of the 7-Eleven shop - I'm just kidding, I know you will be able to manage that nicely. ;) ). ;"P Have a great evening everyone and a great day tomorrow. :)


  1. you make sure the fan is not turned on! else it will give you an expensive hair cut oh. :P

  2. The fan is turning... but I bend my head down though... :"P (If really got that expensive fan cut you mentioned about) worst come to worst I will visit the MW barber shop just few cub away from my cub. Usually it is FOC if you order "BOTAK". :"P

  3. I think I forget to wish you luck here for your exam tomorrow. (All the best ya... make sure you score nicely so that it will be easier for us to move around in Japz in Nov.( :"P

  4. hahaha...great discussion from "I'm off the shoes" to "BOTAK" haircut. hahaha...

    anyway, all the best on your assignment end of this month! i know you'll not need the luck as your shots is pro level already...:)

  5. Lilian: Yes she is... she needed that exacm so that she could be our language efficient tour guide for us in Nov. ;)

    Beh: Yeah... pretty funny right. (Soon I will be really a Lee Botak d):"P Anyway, hope that I will be doing great on the next assignment. Don't wanna call myself a pro yet... photography has been a really hugh field to learn. ;) Thanks for the support Beh. :)

  6. 刚开始看的时候,我还以为是什么 transformer 的玩具…… :P 嘿嘿,不好意思……

  7. 家里可没有那么多的TRANSFORMER。嘻嘻,没关系。。。可能拍起来也太抽象了。:“P





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