Last day of the Long Holiday

Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Pedicure)
Oh Yes, It is in Purple

Yes, it is the last day of the long Raya holiday. I will back to work again starting tomorrow. (Althought is kinda blue, but I guess the engine will need to restart again one day). I guess I already have enough rest to go through until the next holiday. :"D (I hope so...) :")

While BIL is preparing his wedding, I guess on our side, we are pretty much getting ready as well.(Just to ensure that everything goes flawlessly this weekend.) LB is helping her brother to ensure that everything are in place and of course getting herself ready so that she is well present during the big event. :"P (Yes, at least you are showing respect to whoever that is attending the event, right?) So, I brought LB for a manicure/pedicure treatment. (Since she got the promo voucher from somewhere). And for me, I went to somewhere to online (Unfortunately, the WiMax at the shop is not working and in the end, I got to continue reading my book :"P).

So today..., I decided to get the pedicure a shoot here. The lighting this round is slightly on the high contrast (and on the mystery side - with tones of shadow :"P). I use a slightly different flash mode today, in stead of using the manual way, I tried the TTL this round. (Anyway, just wanna ensure that I am familiar with all this :"P - Sound like I am a freak).

Ok then, I will get an early rest tonight, just to ensure that I will be able to wake up at 530am tomorrow. You all have a good rest and happy working tomorrow. Night. :)


  1. Low working mood here after long holidays:(

  2. Yeah, same here... but already in the office, kick starting my day with a few meeting and development works. :)

  3. 今天过去了,还有两天,就可以休息了~(很会自我安慰型的我) :P

  4. 哈哈。。。我也这么想。不过,周末就要去帮BIL照他大日子的相了。(很开心。。。哈哈) 不过,之后也一定会很忙了。因为要process Photos嘛。:D





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